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ASNA - The Auto Show Report
Volume Ten, Issue Seven - June/July 2015
In This Issue:

Industry News
» ASNA Summer Meeting: a must-attend event
» GM returning to medium-size truck market
» Ford offers specs for 3D printing models
» Feds hope OEMs will make collision avoidance standard
» Honda gives up on natural gas
» Race to the digital dashboard has some concerned over privacy
» Fewer people dying in traffic accidents, says NHTSA
» Study shows high cost of adding teen to insurance

Show Profiles
» Atlanta: Ride and Drive 'heaven' and return of M-B to show
» Austin: Return of newspaper sponsor creates attendance surge
» Dallas: High-end exotics and new-to-Texas vehicles drive traffic
» Denver: Sports town yes; auto show holds its own
» New York: Investment in social media, strong industry forum helps fuel show
» Vancouver: Rebranding effort shows early success

» Show Directory
» Credits/Contacts

Industry News

ASNA Summer Meeting: a must-attend event

ASNA's two-day Summer Meeting for 2015, scheduled for July 14-15 at the Dearborn Inn, is certain to be a must-attend event.

The event includes a Tuesday afternoon meeting of ATAE members, with discussions to include the study--The Power of Auto Shows--that will be officially announced at a press conference that morning.

The Summer Meeting continues on Wednesday with an encore of the press conference for ASNA members and guests, and further discussion of the research findings led by a representative of Foresight Research, Inc., and Joe Rohatynski of Rohatynski-Harlow Public Relations.

The agenda also includes a presentation on "Experimental Marketing for Your Auto Show Brand" by John Karpinski, regional vice president of Pandora.

ATAE Mark Schienberg of the New York International Auto Show will moderate a briefing session on what the 2015-16 auto show season holds, involving both OEM and allied industry company representatives.

Jason Stein, publisher and editor of Automotive News, is scheduled to be the special guest speaker at Wednesday's luncheon.

Following lunch, representatives from Groupon will speak about "Marketing Outside the Box."

They will be followed by featured speaker David Adler, CEO and founder of BizBash.

The day's formal events wrap up with a series of roundtable discussions involving two groups of shows, sorted by square footage. ATAE Chris Adelman will moderate the group of shows greater than 300,000 square feet with ATAE Stacey Castle of Sacramento moderating the group of smaller shows.

Finally, the evening will include a special event at Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers, with reception and dinner on the field.

Auto show industry participants who are interested in attending should contact Jennifer Colman at jcolman@nada.org

GM returning to medium-size truck market

General Motors, which had abandoned the medium-size truck market during its bankruptcy proceedings, is getting ready to market the vehicles as early as 2016. In doing so, it plans to turn to an old partner, Isuzu, which it had worked with as recently as 2006. The new vehicles will be marketed under the Chevrolet brand. GM had ended its relationship with Isuzu in 2006 but demand for medium-sized trucks has been growing steadily, with a 3.5 percent increase in 2015 alone.

Ford offers specs for 3D printing models

In one example of just how quickly the use of 3D printing has become, Ford CEO Mark Fields says the automaker plans to "print" the intake and some other parts for the vehicle it will race at LeMans. But going a step further, the company is offering model-sized specs for customers to print. The company is selling digital files of several vehicles, including the F-150 Raptor, 2016 Focus RS, 2015 Focus ST, Fiesta ST, and 2016 Shelby GT 350R. The .STL files are listed at $4.99 with "pre-printed" versions listed at $39. All are available on the company's 3D.ford.com website.

Feds hope OEMs will make collision avoidance standard

The National Transportation Safety Board is hoping automakers will make systems capable of avoiding collisions standard on all vehicles sold in the U.S. During a press conference held at the release of a special report—"The Use of Forward Collision Avoidance Systems to Prevent and Mitigate Rear-End Crashes"—NTSB Chairman Christopher A. Hart said rear-end collisions are responsible for about 1,700 deaths a year and some 500,000 injuries. Over 80 percent of those could be avoided if collision avoidance systems were widespread. What Hart and his NTSB colleagues don't want is for customers to have to pay extra for the technology. "You don't pay extra for your seatbelt. And you shouldn't have to pay extra for technology that can help prevent a collision altogether," he said.

Honda gives up on natural gas

The automaker has given it what might be called a "good shot," having worked since 1998 on the idea of commercializing natural gas powered vehicles. That effort is now being phased out in favor of focusing on hybrid and electric vehicle development. John Mendel, American Honda's executive vice president, said the company is developing a next-generation, two-motor hybrid system that will appear in a new Accord Hybrid due out in 2018. The following year Honda will have a redesigned hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle. A new plug-in hybrid, a new battery-electric car and a three-motor hybrid system are also being developed, said Mendel, who added that the lack of a fueling infrastructure was behind Honda's decision to drop natural gas. "The infrastructure, while it improved, just wasn't as convenient (as gasoline). We gave it a pretty long run and we tried and tried and tried."

Race to the digital dashboard has some concerned over privacy

The seemingly relentless advance to integrate the world of digital data grabbing appears to be generating concerns among executives at some automakers—specifically Germany's Audi, Volkswagen and Daimler. For example, Audi CEO Rupert Stadler said at a recent conference that the automaker's customers "want to be at the center" of the benefits that come from connectivity but "not exploited by it." Stadler equated today's modern vehicle as being a "second living room—and that's private." Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche, who recently noted that Google follows people throughout the day to collect data, has said: "It's at that point where a conflict with Google seems pre-programmed."

Fewer people dying in traffic accidents, says NHTSA

Although the full report won't be issued until later this year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released a preliminary report that shows fewer people died in highway accidents in 2014. Even better news is that the rate of fatalities, calculated by comparing the total number of miles driven with the number of deaths, is also dropping. A small dip in the actual number of fatalities combined with a surge in actual miles traveled—some 27.3 billion additional miles in 2014 compared with 2013—underscores the good news. The biggest drop in fatalities came in the densely populated areas of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Study shows high cost of adding teen to insurance

A new study of insurance costs estimates the cost of adding a teen to a family's insurance policy could result in premiums rising about 80 percent. The study, by insurancequotes.com, said adding a teenage male to the policy could be even higher—about 92 percent on average. Those figures vary widely (as little as 17 percent in Hawaii; as much as 115 percent in New Hampshire). Insurance companies contend they are simply passing on higher costs. Experts say parents should check to see which vehicles will suffer the lowest potential premium increase. Vehicles with smaller engines and good safety equipment are likely more inexpensive to insure.

Show Profiles

Atlanta: Ride and Drive 'heaven' and return of M-B to show

Having a conversation with Dave Tribble, who handles communications for the Atlanta International Auto Show, is not only a pleasure, it’s also efficient in that he's already supplied a good deal of information readers find valuable when they're trying to stay on top of what their auto show colleagues are up to.

Working with ATAE Shayne Wilson on this year's show, Tribble says there was a lot to talk about and a great showing from manufacturers, with some 29 different brands participating.

Among those displaying their latest vehicles was Mercedes-Benz, which had been absent from the show for about five years.

An announcement that it would be moving its U.S. headquarters from New Jersey to Georgia this year may have had something to do with that, Tribble acknowledged.

But that was just part of the good news that flowed from the Atlanta show this year.

Ride and Drives continued to be especially popular in Atlanta, with seven separate events (and 13 brands) that took advantage of the near ideal proximity to city streets the Georgia World Congress Center offers manufacturers.

Camp Jeep was back for its second year, complete with the Jeep Mountain, an 18-foot, 35-degree "can't miss" hill climb that is proving to be popular at every show it visits.

More than 400 vehicles were available for show goers to peruse, but there were also several features that kept families entertained throughout the five-day show.

Highlights included Saturday and Sunday appearances by Spider-Man, Iron Man and Scooby Doo.

There was also an appearance by the Fox5 Storm Chaser, billed as the most advanced mobile weather lab and live TV production vehicle in the southeast, equipped with the latest broadcast and meteorological technology to provide life-saving information to viewers about dangerous weather.

The show also featured a "Cool Cruisers" display of vintage vehicles from the 20th century in the show lobby and inside the show.

Profile: Atlanta International Auto Show

March 25-29, 2015

Georgia World Congress Center

Exhibit Space:
500,000 square feet

Adults $10, Children (6-12) $5 (under 6 free)

Show Hours:
Wed.-Thurs. noon-9 pm; Fri. noon-10 pm; Sat. 10 am-10 pm; Sun. 10 am-8 pm

Produced by:
Metro Atlanta Automobile Dealers Association

Show Contact:
ATAE Shayne Wilson
Metro Atlanta Automobile Dealers Association
770.916.1741, swilson@maada.com

Show Website:

Austin: Return of newspaper sponsor creates attendance surge

Even in what most auto show directors acknowledge is one of the best new vehicle markets in recent years, to hear about a 40 percent increase in attendance from one year to the next almost demands an explanation.

ATAE Mike Marks, who heads the Austin Automobile Dealers Association, believes the single most important difference was the return of the Austin American Statesman, the local daily newspaper, as a principal sponsor of the show.

Marks is more than pleased that the newspaper is back, along with bringing a major new sponsor on board: Time-Warner Cable.

And, of course, the whopping increase in attendance that resulted.

"We certainly were able to do a better job of promoting the show this year," says Marks. "And we've learned how to better promote through Time-Warner as well as with the Austin American Statesman."

At the show itself, at least a couple of features helped fuel the surge in attendance.

One was the involvement of "Video Bob" Mosley, who seems to have taken the idea of producing replicas of movie icons like the Delorean time machine from the “Back to the Future” movies or the Ecto-1 from “Ghost Busters” to an entirely different level.

The Dallas-based Mosley was a big hit, says Marks.

"People showed up in droves to see the vehicles he brought. Even if you weren't aware of him before, it was just a great feature to our show."

Marks says being able to effectively compete with all that's going on in Austin on a weekend is a challenge the Austin Auto Show was up to.

That included having a Kids Zone and three Ride and Drive events, all of which were promoted prior to the show.

Marks was even able to offer a free parking promotion for the first 150 people attending each day.

He also played into the love of the food truck phenomenon in Austin by having one stationed outside the convention center.

Marks expects to build on this year's momentum for the 2016 show.

"Our dealers are pleased, the sponsors were pleased and we're already in the planning stages for next year."

Profile: Austin Auto Show

April 24-26, 2015

Austin Convention Center

Exhibit Space:
210,000 square feet

Adults, $8, Seniors, $5, Children under 12, FREE.

Show Hours:
Fri.-Sat., 10 am-8 pm; Sun., 10 am-6 pm.

Produced by:
Austin Auto Dealers Association

Show Contact:
ATAE Michael T. Marks,
Austin Auto Dealers Association
512.479.0425, mmarks@eami.com

Show Website:

Dallas: High-end exotics and new-to-Texas vehicles drive traffic

Every auto show has its own distinct personality, the kind of characteristics that seem to stand out.

In Dallas, which is operated by the Dallas Fort Worth Metropolitan New Car Dealers Association, Marianne Jones describes the show as a "serious car looker" event.

"It's obviously a great entertainment event in the Dallas area, but it's clear from our exit surveys that the majority of our visitors are in the market for a car or truck," she said.

And for that reason alone, Jones said organizers of the show, including ATAE Lee Chapman, have made sure the show is staffed with the product specialists able to answer visitor questions.

"We know this is important and it's something that we take very seriously," she said.

Jones said this year's show was up slightly in attendance, buoyed at least in part by strong manufacturer participation.

"They realize that Dallas is an important market when it comes to car buying."

Among the show highlights was the appearance of several vehicles that had not yet been seen by Texans, including Toyota's 2016 Tacoma and the 2016 Nissan Titan.

"It was also the first time the 2016 Mazda MX5 and CX3 were seen in Texas together," said Jones.

Also at the show was the debut of the 2017 Ford F150 Raptor as well as the world debut of the Ram concept truck.

Ride and Drives included both an indoor event (with Ram) as well as outdoors, with as many as eight manufacturers participating.

Jones described Dallas as a "pretty upscale" city.

"There are some very wealthy business people in our city and for that reason, the high-end area of the show is always very popular with our visitors," she said, noting that the appearance of the $1.6 million Pagani Huayra supercar was an eye-catcher at the show.

Dallas, notably, is home to one of only five Pagani dealerships in the U.S.

There were others sharing the stable of exotic vehicles at the show, including an Aston Martin One-77 (one of only three in the U.S.), and the McLaren MSO edition 650s (one of six in the country.)

Park Place, a dealership group that includes many of the high-end badges, was obviously instrumental in the appearance of the vehicles.

Aside from the attraction of vehicles, Jones said show organizers do their best to add a little extra for families—perhaps a reward of sorts for having kids go through the show with their parents.

"We do a Kids Zone, which was very popular," said Jones.

The show also included an aftermarket area that seemed to attract its share of radio and TV promotions that also helped drive traffic to the show.

Profile: DFW Auto Show at Dallas

March 25-29, 2015

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center

Exhibit Space:
650,000 square feet

Adults, $12, Seniors $5; Children (6-12), $5; Children five and under, FREE

Show Hours:
Wed., Thurs., 4 pm-10 pm; Fri.-Sat., 10 am-10 pm; Sun., 10 am-7 pm.

Produced by:
Dallas Fort Worth Metropolitan New Car Dealers Association

Show Contact:
ATAE Lee Chapman
President, Dallas Fort Worth Metropolitan New Car Dealers Association

Jo McKinley, VP and show coordinator
214.637.0531, Jo.mckinley@dfwncda.com

Show Website:

Denver: Sports town yes; auto show holds its own

Clearly, the Denver Auto Show is not without its own competition for ticket holders.

Consider, for example, the fact that this year's event was held during the opening weekend for the Colorado Rockies baseball team and you'll get an idea of just how strong the interest in new vehicles is, even with that kind of distraction getting in the way.

This is, after all, a sports town.

Still, attendance at the show held firm, said Barbara Pudney, who works for producer Paragon Expo on behalf of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association.

"People in Denver really care about the auto show," said Pudney.

That interest seems to be fueled in good measure by local media.

"We had TV coverage starting when we were moving in straight through to when the show ended," said Pudney.

Coverage included the CBS TV affiliate broadcasting its weather live from the show all five days.

Among the show's highlights was the return of the Alfa Romeo, the first time in 20 years since the brand was marketed in the U.S.

"People were excited to finally see it," said Pudney of the Alfa Romeo 4C.

Also on the plus side was the return of Camp Jeep.

"People here love their all-wheel drive vehicles," noted Pudney. "But they also like their muscle cars and having the Viper at the show was another big thing for us."

Even T.J. Ward, an NFL Denver Bronco defensive back who made an appearance, said he was amazed at the turnout.

"He was great about staying until the end.”

Pudney also pointed to a very successful charity preview party that supports the Children's Hospital of Colorado.

There was another show highlight that can't be overlooked: the marriage proposal to a young lady who'd attended every auto show since she was a little girl.

"That was one of the standout moments for me," said Pudney.

Profile: Denver Auto Show

April 8-12, 2015

Colorado Convention Center

Exhibit Space:
400,000 square feet

Adults $12, Seniors $6 discounted admission on Thursday, Children (6-12) $6, Children under 6 FREE

Show Hours:
Wed., 5 pm to 10 pm; Thurs. noon to 10 pm; Fri., noon-10 pm; Sat., 10 am-10 pm; Sunday, 10 am-6 pm

Show Contact:
ATAE Tim Jackson
Colorado Automobile Dealers Association
303.282.1448, Tim.jackson@coloradodealers.org

Produced by:
Paragon Group, Inc.

Show Website:

New York: Investment in social media, strong industry forum helps fuel show

ATAE Mark Schienberg, who heads the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association, began talking about the most recent New York International Auto Show in ways that would have you believe its success was as much a matter of luck than anything else.

"The planets just seemed to be in alignment," Schienberg said, specifically referencing the 14.3 percent increase in attendance and 10 percent increase in press registrations.

In reality, it took a good deal of foresight and hard work to deliver the goods.

Granted, the show benefited from a rare convergence that saw a good percentage of New York area public school students off for their spring break, and a boost in mid-week attendance as a result.

But Schienberg and his team of auto show organizers have made a considerable investment in areas such as social media penetration that is gaining momentum in terms of its payback.

"We had one billion social media impressions this year alone," said Schienberg. "That's the result of four to five investment years that have matured for us."

New York is also benefiting from the continued success of the Automotive Forum, presented by the National Automobile Dealers Association and J.D. Power and hosted by the auto show.

This year, that included having legendary investment guru Warren Buffett as one of the Forum's keynote speakers.

As Schienberg pointed out, there are a number of automotive forums that take place in any given year. But the New York event is particularly successful, largely because its organizers understand how the automotive and financial industries dovetail, especially in the financial capital of the world.

"We really are playing to our natural strengths," said Schienberg. "Not only from a financial standpoint, but also considering the world of advertising where the participation of Nielsen Research helped to solidify that positioning."

Schienberg continues to make sure the leadership at the city and state level are made aware of the economic impact of the auto show.

"We're talking well over $300 million in spending by people who come here," he noted.

Added to that overall boost is the continuing growth of the auto show when it comes to vehicle introductions, always a point of pride and momentum when it comes to large shows like New York.

"Manufacturers understand that their investment in introductions pays off, not only in the attendance at the show itself but in the media coverage they get," he said. "Our job is to continue to drive that message home and I think we're doing a good job of doing that."

Schienberg remains optimistic that even better days are ahead for the industry and, if not by extension certainly by proximity, shows like New York and elsewhere.

"When you realize that the average age of vehicles on the road is still over 11 years, there are some great opportunities ahead for anyone in the auto show business."

Profile: New York International Auto Show

April 3-12, 2015

Jacob Javits Center

Exhibit Space:
930,000 square feet

Adults, $15; Children (under 12), $5

Show Hours:
Mon.-Sat., 10 am-10 pm; Sundays, 10 am-7 pm.

Produced by:
Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association

Show Contact:
ATAE Mark Schienberg
President, Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association
718.746.5900, mark@gnyada.com

Show Website:

Vancouver: Rebranding effort shows early success

When ATAE Blair Qualey of the New Car Dealers Association of BC looked for what turned out to be a "reset" of the Vancouver International Auto Show, he turned to a familiar face.

Or rather two familiar faces—Jason Heard and his father Phil.

Both had previously run various events, including the ongoing Vancouver Collector Car Show Sale + Auction.

That move seems to have paid off handsomely, with about 25 percent more show floor space sold and a healthy attendance bump of 17 percent in the first year of Heard Productions' stewardship.

"We've been able to use the Vancouver Convention Centre in ways it has never been used before," said Jason Heard.

He's also building a team that he believes will continue to drive even more growth for the future.

"We're looking at turning the show into more than a regional show," he said. "Vancouver is increasingly seen as a world class city and we want to capitalize on what we see as a natural growth. The fact is that we're getting a lot of attention from Japan and China."

Heard pointed to a very healthy jump in media impressions—489 percent higher than a year earlier, with double the number of journalists participating.

"Our goal was to build excitement and provide content that wasn't there before," said Heard. "What we tried to do was to give journalists something to chew on and I think we were successful in that regard."

Those "media friendly" initiatives included bringing in features that would grab the attention of both journalists and show attendees, one example being the inaugural year for the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada's Green Car of the Year award (the Subaru Legacy was the winner).

Another feature was the electric makeover of a "Bigfoot," acknowledged as one of the best known monster trucks in the world. Now equipped with some 30 car batteries, the 350 horsepower vehicle did what it was intended—turned more than a few heads.

Heard expects to see even more changes as the show continues its reset next year.

"It's not any one thing that we're doing," he said. "This is about rebranding the show, with a new website, engaging in social media for the first time in a significant way, and developing an e-mail database. We're just getting started."

Profile: Vancouver International Auto Show

March 24-29, 2015 

Vancouver Convention Centre

Exhibit Space:
326,500 square feet

$15 adults (weekday), $18 adults (weekend) $10, seniors, $4, children (7-12), $30, family pass (two adults, two children 12 and under); $25, multi-day pass

Show Hours:
Tuesday- 5pm-10pm, Wednesday to Friday, noon-10 pm; Saturday, 10 am-10 pm; Sunday, 10 am-6 pm

Produced by:
New Car Dealers Association of BC

Show Contact:
ATAE Blair Qualey
President and CEO
New Car Dealers Association of BC

Jason Heard, Executive Director
Vancouver International Auto Show
604.214.9964, jheard@newcardealers.ca

Show Website:

Show Directory

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11/13/2015 - 11/15/2015

New Mexico International Auto Show
4/15/2016 - 4/17/2016

Orange County Auto Show
10/15/2015 - 10/18/2015

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3/25/2015 - 3/29/2015

Austin Auto Show
5/15/2015 - 5/17/2015

Motor Trend International Auto Show—Baltimore
2/4/2016 - 2/8/2016

Bedford, NH
New Hampshire Auto Show
10/23/2015 - 10/25/2015

Bethlehem, PA
Greater Lehigh Valley Auto Show
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New England International Auto Show
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2/11/2016 - 2/14/2016

Calgary International Auto & Truck Show
3/9/2016 - 3/13/2016

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1/22/2016 - 1/24/2016

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11/19/2015 - 11/22/2015

Chicago Auto Show
2/13/2016 - 2/21/2016

Cincinnati Auto Expo
2/17/2016 - 2/21/2016

Cleveland Auto Show
3/7/2015 - 3/15/2015

Columbus International Auto Show
3/17/2016 - 3/20/2016

DFW Auto Show in Dallas
3/25/2015 - 3/29/2015

Iowa/Illinois Regional Auto Show
2/5/2016 - 2/7/2016

Dayton Auto Show
2/25/2016 - 2/28/2016

Denver Auto Show
4/8/2015 - 4/12/2015

North American International Auto Show
1/11/2016 - 11/24/2016

Edmonton Motor Show
4/9/2015 - 4/12/2015

Fort Worth
DFW Auto Show in Fort Worth
11/19/2015 - 11/22/2015

South Carolina International Auto Show
1/14/2016 - 1/16/2016

Harrisburg, PA
Pennsylvania Auto Show
1/28/2016 - 1/31/2016

Connecticut International Auto Show
11/20/2015 - 11/22/2015

First Hawaiian International Auto Show
3/18/2016 - 3/20/2016

Houston Auto Show
1/27/2016 - 1/31/2016

Indianapolis Auto Show
12/26/2015 - 1/1/2016

Kansas City
Kansas City International Auto Show
3/2/2016 - 3/6/2016

Las Vegas
Las Vegas International Auto Show
11/27/2015 - 11/29/2015

Los Angeles
Los Angeles Auto Show
11/20/2015 - 11/29/2015

Louisville Auto Show
1/15/2016 - 1/17/2016

Miami International Auto Show
11/6/2015 - 11/15/2015

Greater Milwaukee International Auto Show
2/20/2016 - 2/28/2016

Minneapolis/St. Paul
Twin Cities Auto Show
3/12/2016 - 3/20/2016

Montreal International Auto Show
11/15/2016 - 11/24/2016

New Orleans
Greater New Orleans International Auto Show
3/20/2015 - 3/22/2015

New York
New York International Auto Show
4/3/2015 - 4/12/2015

Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City International Auto Show
3/5/2015 - 3/8/2015

Oklahoma City
Oklahoma State Fair Auto Show
9/17/2015 - 9/27/2015

Midlands International Auto Show
1/28/2016 - 1/31/2016

Central Florida International Auto Show
11/26/2015 - 11/29/2015

Philadelphia International Auto Show
1/30/2016 - 2/7/2016

Arizona International Auto Show
11/26/2015 - 11/29/2015

Pittsburgh International Auto Show
2/12/2016 - 2/15/2016

Portland International Auto Show
1/28/2016 - 1/31/2016

Northeast International Auto Show
2/12/2016 - 2/14/2016

Virginia Motor Trend International Auto Show
3/20/2015 - 3/22/2015

Rochester International Auto Show
3/3/2016 - 3/6/2016

Sacramento International Auto Show
10/16/2015 - 10/18/2015

Saint Louis
Saint Louis International Auto Show
1/28/2016 - 1/31/2016

Salt Lake City
Utah International Auto Expo
1/15/2016 - 1/18/2016

San Antonio
San Antonio Auto & Truck Show
11/19/2015 - 11/22/2015

San Diego
San Diego International Auto Show
12/31/2015 - 1/3/2016

San Jose
Silicon Valley International Auto Show
1/7/2016 - 1/10/2016

Seattle International Auto Show
10/15/2014 - 10/19/2014

Spokane International Auto Show
2/12/2016 - 2/14/2016

Tampa Bay International Auto Show
11/20/2015 - 11/22/2015

Greater Toledo Auto Show
1/28/2016 - 1/31/2016

Canadian International Auto Show
2/12/2016 - 2/21/2016

Tulsa Auto Show
4/17/2015 - 4/19/2015

Vancouver International Auto Show
3/24/2015 - 3/29/2015

Washington Auto Show
1/22/2016 - 1/31/2016


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