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ASNA - The Auto Show Report
Volume Twelve, Issue Six - June 2017
In This Issue:

Industry News
» ASNA Summer Meeting right around the corner …
» Apple says it is working on self-driving car
» China cracking down on small automakers in push for EV
» Clean Energy advocates set 30 percent EV target by 2030
» New study shows most midsize SUV headlights fail to earn 'good' rating
» Will slowing auto industry drag down U.S. economy?
» Jannelle Grigsby named West Coast PR manager for Nissan
» Tim Glynn, formerly of VW, is now in global marketing position with Infiniti

Show Profiles
» Charleston: A year after, show recovers with renewed vigor and energy
» Chicago: Bringing intenders to the forefront, show makes it easier to showcase vehicles
» Cleveland: Social media push helps support engagement strategy
» Houston: Show capitalizes on popularity to create stellar experience
» Kansas City: Scheduling conflicts arise, but show ultimately wins long term
» New York: Focus on media builds on public event that remains 'fresh and innovative'
» Oklahoma City: New event center creates 'deluge' in attendance
» Richmond: Avoids March Madness, enjoys success
» Toronto: Exotics among features that fueled attendance surge
» Tulsa: Celebrating 100 years, show sets tone for another century

» Show Directory
» Credits/Contacts

Industry News

ASNA Summer Meeting right around the corner …

With the annual Summer Meeting for Auto Shows of North America just a few days away (July 7-8 at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs), organizers have put together a program that rivals anything seen before.

Among the topics ASNA committee chair Mike Gempp of the Philadelphia Auto Show has included in this year's event:

  • Show technology/data capture: With at least two shows (Chicago and Kansas City) involved in a pilot program, discussions around the benefits and "what's next?" are on the table.
  • Music licensing: Who are ASCAP and BMI and what do they want from me?
  • Show sponsorships: The nuts and bolts of how to build the right contacts and design the perfect fit for your show.
  • New ASNA resources: website redux, contact templates and more.
  • Roundtable meetings: thanks to the feedback of past attendees, roundtables will be smaller and with more time allotted for each session.

Registration for the event remains open. Please contact Jill Goldfine at the ATAE office for more information or to register.

Sponsors of this year's ASNA Summer Meeting:

Innocean, Melissa Minihan

George P. Johnson, Kathy Cernok

Nth Degree, Cindy Haun
eshots, Craig Steensma
GES, Denise Martin
Hargrove, Tim McGill
Motor Trend Auto Shows, Steve Freeman
Paragon Group Auto Shows, Garry Edgar
Productions Plus, Elizabeth Kogler
Romanelli Event Services, Candida Romanelli
Viper Tradeshow Services, Rick Tyner

Apple says it is working on self-driving car

Apple, long said to be the wild card in the development of autonomous vehicles, has finally admitted that it has been working on the program for some time. "It's a core technology that we view as very important," said CEO Tim Cook in an interview with Bloomberg Television. Cook said the project is "probably one of the most difficult AI projects to work on." Observers, including Michelle Krebs, executive analyst for Autotrader, predict that Apple will be a force in the push to self-driving vehicles. "Apple's strategy to commercialize autonomous vehicles remains to be seen," said Krebs. "Will they partner and sell the technology or actually develop their own vehicles?" Cook is being predictably coy on the matter. "We'll see where it takes us. We're not really saying from a product point of view what we will do."

China cracking down on small automakers in push for EV

The top economic planning agency in China says tighter regulations for new automotive factories are on the way, the idea being to ultimately facilitate a higher percentage of electric vehicles. The move is also seen as a way to reduce overcapacity issues that are more common in North America, Europe and Japan. Currently, smaller so-called "zombie" car and truck makers are being supported by provincial governments across China, but the new policy is seen as largely cutting back on those activities.

Clean Energy advocates set 30 percent EV target by 2030

An annual Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) meeting, a gathering of some two dozen industrial countries that met in China in early June, has agreed to work toward policies and initiatives intended to boost the world's total sales of electric vehicles to 30 percent by the year 2030. The U.S., while not participating directly in the meeting, did observe. China is leading the way on this initiative, which echoes its own campaign. Nine members of the CEM said they would join the EV campaign, including Canada, China, Finland, France, India, Japan, Mexico, Norway and Sweden. California Governor Jerry Brown attended the meeting in Beijing, voicing the state's continued support for clean energy goals.

New study shows most midsize SUV headlights fail to earn 'good' rating

A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has revealed the vast majority of midsize SUVs have headlights that do not light up the roadway effectively. Just two vehicles earned a "good" rating and 11 of 37 models tested were rated "poor" when it came to headlight performance. Many of the SUVs tested were said to do a poor job of lighting the road while others created significant glare for oncoming traffic. "We continue to see headlights that compromise safety because they only provide a short view down the road at night," said Matt Brumbelow, a senior research engineer at IIHS.

Will slowing auto industry drag down U.S. economy?

A slowing U.S. auto industry may be a troubling sign of an economy slowing down, say industry analysts. The observations come in an article by Paul Eisenstein on TheDetroitBureau.com which cites U.S. factory output slippage in May, which followed an increase in April. There is also speculation that more job cuts in the industry could be coming. Automakers were among the hardest hit when the economy went into recession, with two of them—GM and Chrysler—declaring bankruptcy and requiring government help to survive. One of the only hard numbers looking forward is from IHS Automotive, a consultancy that is forecasting sales will dip by about 100,000, to around 17.4 million, for all of 2017. A consensus of analysts by Bloomberg News predicts a 17.2 million vehicle output for the year.

Jannelle Grigsby named West Coast PR manager for Nissan

Jannelle Grigsby, a seasoned public relations professional most recently with United Business Media, a trade show and live events company, has joined Nissan North America as its regional PR manager for the west coast. Based in Santa Monica, Calif., Grigsby will be responsible for media relations, press fleets and media activities. Her role replaces one held by Tim Gallagher, who has transitioned to a new role as senior manager, EV Communications. Gallagher remains based in Orange County, Calif.

Tim Glynn, formerly of VW, is now in global marketing position with Infiniti

Tim Glynn, who for five years served at Volkswagen of America as senior specialist for auto shows and events, is now part of the Infiniti global marketing team, working on global auto shows, events and Ride & Drive programs for the brand. Glynn is based in Hong Kong and can be reached by email at timothy.glynn@infiniti.com. Glynn's replacement at VW is Bryan Reel, who can be reached at bryan.reel@vw.com.

Show Profiles

Charleston: A year after, show recovers with renewed vigor and energy

Everyone has a bad year at one point or another. For ATAE Ruth Lemmon, president of the West Virginia Automobile and Truck Dealers Association, that was 2016, a show that was shut down for two of the three day event due to weather, which means when the calendar flipped over to 2017, it was a very good thing.

"We had good weather this year and a great show," says Lemmon. Add to that the fact that the venue—the Charleston Civic Center—is undergoing a major $85-million renovation and it's clear that things are looking brighter.

A highlight this year was a contract Lemmon inked with a local broadcaster, WOWK, a Nexstar Company, to produce a one-hour television show that featured the auto show.

That effort resulted in the West Virginia Broadcasters Association awarding the broadcaster and executive producer Bryan Hughes with its "Best Network Long-Form Program."

The show, which takes more than a year to plan, included live highlights of more than 20 vehicles on the show floor, with local dealers and brands an obvious part of the features.

The broadcast was centered on a VIP gala held Thursday night before the show opens to the public. This black-tie fundraiser for Hospice of WV was broadcast across Nexstar's West Virginia stations and extended into neighboring Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia.

Lemmon, even while acknowledging that attendance this season was off slightly from 2015, was happy with the recovery. "We had a very well promoted show overall and we were happy with the results."

She is hopeful that the event will continue to build as manufacturers see the opportunity to bring more pre-production vehicles to West Virginia.

She's sure to get help from the folks at WOWK who have said they'll be adding resources to the broadcast event, which already has some 1,000 hours in production value. Plans are in place to add more cameras and production elements, with assistance from Motor Trend Auto Shows and the dealer group committed to maintain the momentum.

Profile: West Virginia International Auto Show

January 27-29, 2017 Place:
Charleston Civic Center

Exhibit Space:
120,000 square feet

$10 adults (13 and over), $5 seniors (65+), $3 children (7-12), FREE children 6 and under.

Show Hours:
Friday & Saturday, 10 am-9 pm; Sunday, 10 am-5 pm

Produced by:
Motor Trend Auto Shows

Show Contact:
ATAE Ruth Lemmon
West Virginia Automobile & Truck Dealers Association
304.343.4158 rlemmon@wvcar.com

Show Website:

Chicago: Bringing intenders to the forefront, show makes it easier to showcase vehicles

ATAE Dave Sloan has an interesting spin on how he saw this season's Chicago Auto Show experience through the proverbial rear view mirror.

"We were plagued with good weather," said Sloan with his typical humor intact. "The zoos had record attendance; it was 65 and sunny."

Which is not to say Chicago was unsuccessful. Sloan says a 50,000-square-foot increase in space booked by manufacturers certainly attested to strong market conditions and there were additional test tracks at the show, including the repeat Camp Jeep installation, as well as a multi-brand setup from FCA.

There was also a test track from Mercedes, which installed its “Iron Schöckl” (derived from the mountain in Graz where the automaker does some of its testing).

With a doubling of space by Porsche and a bigger Toyota footprint (in spite of the absorption of the Scion brand), the Chicago show consumed an overall footprint of 1.1 million square feet.

On the "nuts and bolts" side of the show, Sloan rolled out its partnership with eshots, a company focused on helping brands do a better (and seamless) job of registering visitors.

"We are trying to get a handle on central registration and that's something that went very well this year," added Sloan. "Probably 75 percent of the floor was covered and we had a good number of visitors signing up for the service."

The eshots project really helped the flow of visitors at the show, with product specialists being able to spend more time talking about the vehicles rather than taking down information an attendee had most likely already provided to someone not 10 feet away.

"Someone brings an e-pass or their auto show app, scans a QR code and that's it," says Sloan. "We have all the basic information."

Sloan also said a strong media preview helped with good coverage, including four TV specials produced from the show floor.

"This was really about the consumers and how effectively we continue to be in giving them the information and experience that they look for as they select their next vehicle," he said.

Profile: Chicago Auto Show

Feb. 11-20, 2017

McCormick Place

Exhibit Space:
1 million square feet

$12 adults (13 and over), $7 seniors (65+) and children (7-12)

Show Hours:
9 am-10 pm every day.

Produced by:
Chicago Automobile Trade Association

Show Contact:
ATAE David Sloan
President, Chicago Automobile Trade Association
dsloan@drivechicago.com, 630.424.6055

Show Website:

Cleveland: Social media push helps support engagement strategy

There's a certain rhythm in an event like the Cleveland Auto Show and ATAE Lou Vitantonio was intent on taking full advantage of that fact this season.

"People at the show are there to shop, selecting their next vehicle, but they're also looking for a good time, so we make sure there's an entertainment value incorporated as well," he said.

"That means we have the opportunity to convert that momentum."

Or another way of putting it: "Pause, buy."

Perhaps it's the natural flow that every show adopts, although there's also a new standard when it comes to how auto shows have embraced social media. In that sense, Cleveland was no exception.

"Our budgets have certainly expanded when it comes to social media," said Vitantonio. "It's a different form of communication and we realize that. To be successful, you have to realize you can't talk the same way that you do with traditional media. It's very much about engagement."

One tactic used at the Cleveland show was a classic car competition, which brought in between 75 and 100 vehicles (all from local owners).

It's something show organizers have done now for about 15 years.

Vitantonio said manufacturers were visibly more focused on engaging with auto show visitors. "They really stepped up the game."

Other highlights this year included a Northern Ohio Hero's Day, held on the first day of the show, where current and former U.S. military personnel, including reservists and retired members of the Coast Guard, National Guard, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Navy and the Department of Defense received free admission.

There were also several Ride and Drives, both inside the I-X Center and outside, featuring vehicles from Ford, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Mazda, Toyota, Kia, Chevrolet, and Subaru.

A vehicle giveaway (a Chevy Cruze Premier) was held the last day of the show, with 10 finalists (one selected every day of the show) getting their chance for the grand prize.

Profile: Cleveland Auto Show

February 24-March 5, 2017

I-X Center

Exhibit Space:
750,000+ square feet

$13 adults; $11, pre-teen and seniors; children under 6 free

Show Hours:
Weekdays 11 am-10 pm; Saturday, 11 am-10 pm; Sundays, 11 am-8 pm

Produced by:
Greater Cleveland Automobile Dealers Association

Show Contact:
Lou Vitantonio
lvitt@gcada.org, 440.746.1500

Show Website:

Houston: Show capitalizes on popularity to create stellar experience

Borrowing from the "timing is everything" adage, organizers of this season's Houston Auto Show, including ATAE Wyatt Wainwright, realized that their proximity to the hugely popular Houston Rodeo presented an opportunity.

Never mind that the auto show was bumped from its January dates because of the Super Bowl and that the dates for the rodeo meant things got even later than regular auto show attendees might otherwise expect.

"We got a little playful," says RoShelle Salinas, who handles public relations for the show. A new advertising agency, MMI of Houston, ready to strut their stuff, suggested piggybacking on the popularity of the rodeo.

"They helped us spread the word, offering the tag 'more horsepower than the rodeo,'" said Salinas.

Along with that theme, the agency helped with an engagement strategy that included additional themed days and a separate Live Music event as part of the show.

Those special days included one that recognized members of the armed forces, which included a donation of $125,000 to the Texas War Memorial on the Thursday of the show.

At Family Day, guests were greeted by Dora the Explorer and attended a seminar on proper car seat installation. And one special guest had her dreams come true when she met Dora.

From a vehicle standpoint, the Houston show featured an all-new 2018 Expedition prototype, said to be the "most-purchased" SUV in Texas.

A little higher up on the price chain was a public reveal of the McLaren 720S, the newest addition to the Super Series line.

The show also featured, for the first time, a link to Mecum Auto Auctions, which was just across the parking lot inside the NRG Arena.

Between the two events, Dodge hosted a drifting experience where riders could feel the thrill of the Challenger Hellcat.

By the end of the weekend, Mecum had sold 554 cars, thanks in no small part to auto show guests taking part. Both events had ticket discounts for those choosing to attend either.

On the Ride and Drive front, show goers had the chance to drive one of 70 vehicles from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford, GM, Nissan, Mazda, Honda, Kia, and Toyota.

A modified Camp Jeep track was part of the excitement as well as the new Ram Territory Test Track.

"Some manufacturers expressed that they delivered more test drives at the Houston Auto Show than at any auto show ever before," said Salinas.

Profile: Houston Auto Show

April 5-9, 2017

NRG Center

Exhibit Space:
700,000 square feet

$12, Adults; $5, Children (6-12), FREE under 5

Show Hours:
Wed.-Friday, noon-9:30 pm, Sat. 10 am-9:30 pm, Sun., 10 am-7 pm.

Produced by:
Houston Automobile Dealers Association

Show Contact:
ATAE Wyatt Wainwright
Houston Automobile Dealers Association
wwainwright@houstoncardealers.com, 281.980.3434

Show Website:

Kansas City: Scheduling conflicts arise, but show ultimately wins long term

For a number of reasons, it was an interesting year for the Kansas City Auto Show and ATAE Larry Carl, who ended up pushing through a difficult situation around dates and handling it with what could be described as grace and poise.

The issue is one that affects auto shows in cities where conventions and other events—and especially those that help fill hotel rooms—get the attention when it comes to booking.

In the case of Kansas City, 18 months before the most recent show occurred, Carl found out his longstanding dates for the auto show were being sold from under him.

"Our show is always the first weekend of March but they put in another event that claimed it was going to book more hotel rooms," said Carl.

When that happened, the auto show ended up being in direct competition with the Big 12 basketball tournament, which dramatically impacted attendance, down about 21 percent over the year earlier.

The good news for Carl was that he had a binding clause in his contract that provided for a lower rent should his attendance go down.

But the situation also provided an opportunity to have meaningful discussions with the officials from the visitor's bureau.

"We told them, 'you inflicted this on us, you need to help us remedy the problem,'" said Carl.

That worked its way through the system, especially after an official from the convention center saw first-hand how the competition had impacted the auto show attendance.

The story gets better.

"At the end of the show, the Convention Management Advisory Authority was provided with a financial analysis that showed that they lost money compared with what the auto show normally provides to the economy," said Carl. "Not only did they lose rent dollars and user fees, but they lost on sales tax."

Thankfully, the message resonated and Carl has been able to secure favorable dates for the next two years that will avoid a repeat. Next year, for example, the show will run from Feb. 28-March 4, ahead of any basketball tournaments. Carl added, “This will likely continue to be a problem for all public consumer shows across the country as visitors bureaus try to wrestle control of the booking dates away from the convention centers.”

On a lighter note, the show itself participated in a pilot program for central registration that involved data capture and lead generation using technology provided by eshots. Details on the program are mentioned in a story in this issue on the Chicago Auto Show.

There was also a successful second year for KC's Garage and the accompanying Food Truck Mafia, which contributed to increasing the average time an attendee remained at the show, just under four hours per person (details made possible through the central registration data provided by eshots). “We created a social destination within the auto show for quality food, drink (beer/wine), music, and fun,” said Carl.

Profile: Greater Kansas City International Auto Show

March 8-12, 2017

Bartle Hall/Kansas City Convention Center

Exhibit Space:
300,000 square feet

Adults (13 and over), $11; Children (8-12), $6; Military (with ID) and Children 7 and under, FREE

Show Hours:
Wed., 5 pm-10 pm; Thurs.-Sat.: 10 am-10 pm; Sun.: 10 am-6 pm

Produced by:
Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Kansas City

Show Contact:
ATAE Larry Carl
CEO, Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Kansas City
913.345.8970, lcarl@adakc.com

Show Website:

New York: Focus on media builds on public event that remains 'fresh and innovative'

People like ATAE Mark Schienberg, who heads the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association and the New York International Auto Show, seem to embrace change, and this year's event held true to that.

Right from the start, a previous two days of product reveals was shuffled around, the shift being to condense vehicle media reveals to one day, with the second allowing reporters to conduct one-on-one interviews with automotive executives.

"The World Car of the Year became our start-off event," said Schienberg. "The result was some great coverage overall and we were also able to move up the World Traffic Safety Symposium, which used to be in the middle of the show, to the second day."

The events ahead of the public show are strategic to what Schienberg is trying to create, an environment where great content is available to media and their various audiences.

Underscoring that point, shows like New York are a big help to media intent on educating their audience about the staggering level of changes that are occurring in the automotive industry.

"Things are changing at a speed that no one's ever seen before and we're providing a very good platform to get news about what's happening out to the public."

At the same time, Schienberg says staying fresh and relevant is a key part of what makes a show like New York successful. "We have to keep on mixing it up to stay viable and relevant and also to reflect where the industry is going."

And while this year's attendance was largely unchanged from past years—calendar variations with school boards and their scheduling of spring breaks being one factor—Schienberg notes that it's not just the total number of attendees that is important, but the number of highly qualified attendees.

"We know that we're attracting the right people, 64 percent of whom have told us they're in the market to buy or lease a new vehicle within the next 12 months," he said. "That's a powerful number that the manufacturers who take part in our show appreciate and understand."

The "freshness" of the show extends to things like social media, which Schienberg and his team work hard to extend beyond the 10 days of the show itself.

"The kind of engagements we work on providing have to be fun all year round," he said. "It's about creating a meaningful relationship with the audience that goes beyond them simply buying a ticket."

Those engagements include points of contact that begin as early as Thanksgiving and extend to Christmas and even Valentine's Day.

The show has also built important niches around exotic cars, luxury vehicles and even a super car forum that was organized this year.

Profile: New York International Auto Show

April 14-23, 2017

Jacob J. Javits Convention Center of New York

Exhibit Space:
930,000 square feet

Adults, $17; Children (under 12), $7

Show Hours:
Mon.-Sat., 10 am-10 pm; Sundays, 10 am-7 pm.

Produced by:
Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association

Show Contact:
ATAE Mark Schienberg
President, Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association
718.746.5900, mark@gnyada.com

Show Website:

Oklahoma City: New event center creates 'deluge' in attendance

For the last few years, ATAE Peter Hodges has been looking forward to a new building at the Oklahoma City State Fair Park, the Bennett Event Center, with more than 200,000 square feet of contiguous exhibit space.

He wasn't disappointed.

A 33 percent increase in attendance at the Oklahoma City Auto Show this year can be directly attributed to the new building, which opened in January, two months before the show.

Previously in four separate buildings spread throughout the State Fair Park, this year's show was able to put on elements Hodges hasn't had for some time, including exotic cars and an outdoor Coffee and Cars event.

With the show celebrating its 100th year, Hodges had time to plan an extravagant opening to the new facility, which he did in style.

"We had a re-creation of one of the first auto shows, with nearly four dozen antique vehicles, some ranging from 1895 to 1930," said Hodges. "It was such a beautiful exhibit, with so many vintage vehicles to look at and it was a packed exhibit."

Predictably, the centennial year was a big part of the marketing for this year's event, says Hodges. "We made a big deal of it, especially being at the new event center."

The auto show was only the fourth event to be held at the new facility, which features exceptionally convenient parking and a lobby that makes it easy to enter and exit.

"It's definitely something that will help our market," added Hodges.

For the Coffee and Cars event, organizers were approached to repeat one that had already taken place in the city.

"They jumped at the idea," said Hodges, who added that various members of the Coffee and Cars group (which exists in other cities around the country) participated.

In what is now a regular part of the auto show, visitors to an 18-hole mini-golf experience paid $5, with funds raised going to Ten Strong, a charity set up to help cancer patients at the Children's Hospital of OU Medicine, part of the University of Oklahoma.

"We were looking for a charity and through a connection, we ended up approaching them to help," he said. "They had no money so our involvement was a big thing for them."

Other features at the show included an inaugural 5K running event that was a big hit with participants, particularly due to the fact that the finish line was on the show floor. Following the run, those entered got to walk around the show and enjoy the experience.

"We heard from a lot of the people there that we had to do it again, so we expect this part of it to grow," said Hodges.

Profile: Oklahoma City International Auto Show

March 10-12, 2017

Oklahoma State Fair Park

Exhibit Space:
201,000 gross sq. ft.

$10 adults; $5, children (7-12); 6 and under free.

Show Hours:
Thurs-Friday, 10 am-9 pm; Saturday, 10 am-9 pm; Sunday, 10 am-6 pm

Produced by:
Metropolitan Auto Dealers Association

Show Contact:
ATAE Peter Hodges
President, Metropolitan Auto Dealers Association
405.607.0400, madapeter@coxinet.net

Show Website:

Richmond: Avoids March Madness, enjoys success

Last year, when we spoke with Jason Wilson, who works with ATAE Don Hall at the Virginia Automobile Dealers Association, there was great anticipation around the date change that would bring the Virginia Motor Trend International Auto Show out of the shadow of a number of "March factors” that had negatively impacted the event.

A year later, Wilson wasn't disappointed with the outcome, witnessing a ten percent bump in attendance by avoiding the basketball fever as well as various Irish festivals that would have some suggesting that somewhere near half of Richmond residents are either Irish or want to be when it comes to celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

"It was a great show," said Wilson, who is "very hands-on with everything" related to the event.

"A key part of that is setting up media interviews in advance," he added. "By the time the show begins, we've done several interviews, the press is well informed about what's going on, and we've secured a lot of good local coverage from our media here."

That media strategy can be broken down into two categories, said Wilson.

"First, we try to identify the hook that gets the media engaged in the show, looking for very specific things that are going to be of interest," he said. "This year, one of those was the Motor Trend Car of the Year being the Chevy Volt, which fit well into the fact that the media likes the electric vehicle category. We pushed that hard."

With that in mind, Wilson was able to get a Volt on site the day before the show and invited members of the media to test drive the vehicle, which wasn't yet widely available in the area.

There's also a "non-car" aspect to the show, which gives Wilson a chance to bring in features that provide an entertainment value.

That came in the form of an agility dog team, Dare Devil Dogs that was also pitched to media (and which helped drive attendance).

Wilson and his staff didn't let social media take a back seat when promoting the show.

"About three weeks before the show, we started posting and that extended to pictures of the move-in activity around the show. We were much more active than we had been in the past and that also helped," he said.

Other highlights included Ride and Drive events that included a Star Wars-branded Rogue One model from Nissan, which blended nicely with the release of the movie.

Profile: Virginia Motor Trend International Auto Show

February 17-19, 2017

Greater Richmond Convention Center

Exhibit Space:
150,000 square feet

Adults, $10; Seniors, $5; Active military (with ID), $5; Children (7-12), $3; Children 6 and undeer and 12 and under on Family Day, FREE.

Show Hours:
Friday & Saturday, 10 am-9 pm; Sunday 10 am-6 pm

Produced by:
Motor Trend Auto Shows

Show Contact:
ATAE Don Hall, CEO, Virginia Automobile Dealers Association
804.545.3004, dhall@vada.com

Jason Wilson
Show Director, Richmond New Car Dealers Association
804.545.3010, jwilson@vada.com

Show Website:

Toronto: Exotics among features that fueled attendance surge

While a high percentage of people attending various auto shows throughout Canada and the U.S. say they're "in the market" for their next vehicle and plan to act on that within the next year, there's also the "dreamers" who like to imagine what parking an exotic vehicle in their garage or driveway (better for the neighbors to see) might be like.

So it was at this season's Canadian International Auto Show, held in Toronto, where organizers, including ATAE Todd Bourgon and Jason Campbells, the show's general manager, presented Auto Exotica.

"We've shown our commitment to assembling a showcase of the greatest exotic cars on the market," said Campbell. "We presented all of the exotic marques available across the country and a special showcase of rare exotics owned by Canada's most passionate collectors."

The vehicles presented included models from Aston Martin, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Karma, McLaren, Singer, Pagani, Lotus and a six-car vintage Ferrari display presented by Ferrari of Ontario.

Autostrada Forum Magazine was on hand with a special display of vehicles assembled from various collectors. Those included a 1971 Lamborghini Espada, a 1959 Sport Special Spyder, a 1969 Chevelle (done up as a Reese Bobby replica from Talladega Nights), a 1963 Corvette, and a 1966 Aston Martin DB6.

The show also featured the AM-RB 001, an Aston Martin-Red Bull concept car that made its global auto show debut.

Introduced last July at the automaker's Gaydon, England, headquarters, the "hypercar" was a special treat for show goers.

Campbell said some 15 concept cars in all helped fuel the imagination of attendees.

Attendance at this season's show was up from last year.

A strong Media Preview Day, which included the Aston Martin-Red Bull concept debut, was part of that excitement, said Campbell.

"That gave us the kind of momentum coming out of the gate, which translated into five straight days of record attendance."

Profile: Canadian International Autoshow

Feb. 17-26, 2017

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Exhibit Space:
650,000 square feet

Adults, $23; Children (7-12), $7, Children 6 and under, FREE. Family admission (2 adults, 2 children), $45.

Show Hours:
10:30 am-10 pm, exception closing Sunday, closed at 6 pm

Produced by:
Trillium Automobile Dealers Association

Show Contact:
Jason Campbell
General Manager,
Canadian International Autoshow
jasonc@autoshow.ca, 905.940.6232
ATAE Todd Bourgon
Trillium Automobile Dealers Association

Show Website:

Tulsa: Celebrating 100 years, show sets tone for another century

It was a big deal at the Tulsa Auto Show, an event that ATAE Peter Hodges of the Metropolitan Auto Dealers Association, has been producing now for four years.

We're talking about the 100th anniversary of the show and while the city, just 90 minutes from Oklahoma City, didn't have a new building to coincide with the anniversary, there were several elements that made the centennial stand out.

One was the vintage dealer facade that Hodges brought to the show, which helped set the tone for a look back into automotive history.

In fact, the buzz around that part of the show was significant, bolstered by a healthy collection of antique vehicles that helped support the event.

The auto show in Tulsa provides funds that help with training for students who are needed in a growing automotive industry locally.

At the event, the automotive technology institute at Oklahoma State University organized a skills test that gave prospective students and other members of the public the opportunity to compete in doing some basic tasks, like inserting spark plugs.

"It's something that was interesting to a lot of visitors and it focused on a real need for students," said Hodges.

There was also a doubling of the Ride and Drive events (two versus the single event held last year) and a return of the 18-hole mini golf course, with proceeds going to the Pencil Box, a charity that provides school supplies, educational tools and incentive items necessary for successful learning. Basic supplies like crayons, paper, scissors, pens and pencils, as well as enrichment and incentive items are offered to teachers, who then motivate and inspire student engagement, while giving hope for the future.

Profile: Tulsa Auto Show

April 7-9, 2017

Expo Square

Exhibit Space:
140,000 square feet

Adults, $8; Children (7-12), $4, Children under 6, FREE

Show Hours:
Friday and Saturday, 10 am-9 pm; Sunday, 10 am-6 pm.

Produced by:
Metropolitan Auto Dealers Association (Oklahoma City)

Show Contact:
ATAE Peter Hodges
Executive Director, Metropolitan Auto Dealers Association
405.778.6265, madapeter@coxinet.net

Show Website:

Show Directory

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