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  • LA celebrates green
  • Philly brings interactive features to new Web site
  • San Diego features Web press kit
  • Chicago credentials available online
  • Jury names finalists for NACTOY awards
  • Pudney lauded by New England auto media group
  • SAE increases visibility at North American International Auto Show
  • ASNA contact information up-to-date?

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  • Charlotte: Bringing media on board continues to build momentum
  • Hartford: New location brings big changes to show
  • Orlando: Fire and Ice and snow, really, at Central Florida Show
  • Sacramento: Doubling size produces surge in attendance

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  • Alphabetical listing of ASNA shows and dates for 2006-2007

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    LA celebrates green

    Hybrids, fuel cell, bio-fuel…

    Honda spokesman Chris Martin, quoted in a media interview at the Los Angeles Auto Show, may have said it best: “Everybody kind of got hit on the forehead by high gas prices. Automakers . . . had to take notice.” Hence, the “green theme” at the LA show, with nearly every major automaker showing off new models designed to sip fuel or reduce emissions or both. For its part, Honda showcased what is says will be the first hydrogen fuel cell car, with plans to sell or lease the FCX in 2008, although the price (it cost $1 million to produce and production quantities may be north of $100,000). Show goers also learned from a variety of automakers about technology involving clean diesel, bio-fuel, and heard promises for even more hybrids than currently exist.

    A case for more stringent credential policies

    It might not be what GM CEO Rick Wagoner was hoping for when he used the L.A. Auto Show as an opportunity to announce the automaker’s goal of sharply increasing fuel economy and reducing emissions. While wrapping up his speech, Wagoner found himself sharing the stage with a pair of protestors who unfurled a banner demanding that GM boost the mileage of its vehicles. Wagoner had been outlining GM’s adoption of an alternative fuels and electric powertrain strategy to do just that.

    Schwarzenegger visits LA

    Meanwhile, also underscoring the public interest in environmental issues related to the auto industry, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger paid a congratulatory visit to the LA Auto Show, which was celebrating its 100th anniversary. Schwarzenegger used the opportunity to praise the state’s initiatives to reduce vehicle emissions but announced no new programs.

    California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made an appearance at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show, his theme being a familiar one: the further greening of the auto industry.

    Philly brings interactive features to new Web site

    In gearing up for the Philadelphia International Auto Show Feb. 3-11, 2007, organizers have announced the launch of its updated Web site. Along with a list of the vehicles appearing at the show, the site - - includes a “build a car” section that lets visitors create a custom, virtual car. Other upgrades to the site include a more extensive media section, a portal for exhibitor information, an interactive map of nearby parking options, and the ability to sign up for e-mail updates.

    San Diego features Web press kit

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, the entire press kit of the San Diego International Auto Show is now available online at the show’s new site, “Our media contacts have said they prefer access to news, images and other information online instead of through traditional printed press kits,” says Amy Foley, director of PR for SDIAS. “It’s more user-friendly, it’s accessible 24 hours a day, and provides opportunities for updates right up to show time.”

    Chicago credentials available online

    Registration for Chicago Auto Show credentials is now available online, according to show organizers. The process is similar for both working media and corporate credential purposes: Media applicants should go to where they can find “Working Media Registration” and “Corporate Credentials” buttons, both located within the Media Information Center box. Manufacturers who have multiple requests for credentials are advised to contact Robyn Graves, Chicago Auto Show communications assistant, at 630.424.6016. Press preview days for the Chicago Auto Show are Feb. 7-8, 2007, with some evening press events on Feb. 6.

    Jury names finalists for NACTOY awards

    The jury for the North American Car of the Year and North American Truck of the Year awards has released its list of finalists: the Honda Fit, Saturn Aura and Toyota Camry; and Chevrolet Silverado, Ford Edge and Mazda CX-7 in the truck category. Winners will be named Jan. 7 at the start of press preview days at the North American International Auto Show. Meanwhile, auto journalist and NACTOY juror Paul Eisenstein writes on that an inadvertent omission of the Jeep Wrangler is necessitating a re-vote, which may (should the Wrangler score high enough) produce four truck category finalists. The awards program started with a candidate pool of 12 cars and 14 trucks and were determined by the votes of 49 auto journalist jurors. In a new procedure for 2007, jurors will vote a second time to choose a winner from among the three finalists for each category (in past years, the top three vote getters in each category were named finalists, with the top vote-getting vehicle named the winner).

    The Ford Edge was announced as a finalist in the North American Truck of the Year awards at a meeting of the Detroit Economic Club on Dec. 13.

    Pudney lauded by New England auto media group

    Barbara Pudney

    Barbara Pudney, vice president of Paragon Group, received the Charles E. Dole “High Road” award from the New England Motor Press Association in ceremonies at the New England International Auto Show. The award is presented – when merited – to someone whose career has emulated and exemplified the consistent spirit of honest enterprise, collegiality, helpfulness, integrity and good will that marked the career of Mr. Dole, for many years the automotive columnist for the Christian Science Monitor and “dean” of the New England auto press corps. Pudney received the award “in recognition of her efforts and accomplishments in building the Boston Auto Show into a major league showplace for New England, her unwavering support of and good will toward the New England Motor Press Association, and her contributions to our goal of bringing fair and honest reporting to the New England motoring public.

    SAE increases visibility at North American International Auto Show

    For Engineers Only rolls out industry welcome mat

    The Society of Automotive Engineers will host “For Engineers Only," a get-together of automotive engineers, SAE members and prospective members, Jan. 10, 2007 – Industry Preview Day at NAIAS. The event will be held at The Vu, a restaurant at Cobo Center, from 10 am to 6 pm. Complimentary food and beverage will be provided, and members who bring and sign up coworkers for SAE membership will be registered for a prize drawing. SAE organizers say the special venue will allow a respite for engineers who’ve already or are preparing to scour the show floor. SAE representatives will be on hand to provide information about the upcoming SAE 2007 World Congress, to be held at Cobo Center April 16-19. For more information contact SAE Headquarters at 724-776-4841.

    It’s probably true that the average consumer doesn’t fully appreciate or even understand the complex role played by automotive engineers in developing their vehicle.

    The Society of Automotive Engineers is working with Detroit’s North American International Show to change that.

    Indeed, the SAE and the Detroit Auto Dealers Association, which sponsors the NAIAS, have pledged to continue working together to underscore the connection between the design and manufacture of vehicles and the sales and marketing side, as represented by auto dealers.

    As Dave Amati, director of both global automotive business and SAE’s automotive headquarters, based in Troy, Mich., explains, the organizations have been actively pursuing opportunities to work together for the last four or five years, with the most recent initiatives reflected in the upcoming NAIAS 2007 event in January.

    “There’s a great deal of interest in what happens at the NAIAS,” says Amati, who puts the Detroit event among the top three shows worldwide. “Thousands of our members take the time to go to the show to see the results of not only their work but the work of others.”

    Amati says opportunities that would benefit automotive engineers at other major auto shows are also being explored.

    Indeed, NAIAS organizers have long recognized the critical role automotive engineers play in bringing the latest vehicles to market, one reason the show includes Industry Preview Days (Wed. Jan. 10 and Thurs. Jan 11) on its schedule. During those days, automotive engineers can be seen poking, prodding, and measuring various parts of vehicles for which they have a particular interest.

    Both Amati and his colleague at the NAIAS, executive director Rod Alberts, see the strategic benefit of helping consumers connect the role of automotive engineers with all the automotive industry has to offer.

    And there’s no better place, says Amati, than at the NAIAS and events like it.

    SAE’s Dave Amati

    “It’s certainly one reason that the SAE has stepped up to sponsor various events within the NAIAS, such as the ‘Eyes on Design’ competition,” he says.

    With a resurgence in so-called “green” technology, Amati says automotive engineers continue to play a critical role in developing and implementing environmentally friendly advancements in the automotive sector.

    “A lot of the technology that is being introduced has its roots in SAE committee work,” says Amati. “Our members bring together all the various challenges that the automotive industry has for bringing these advancements to market, not only through design but in the writing of standards that automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers will adhere to as these technologies are rolled out to the entire industry.”

    SAE will also hold its own 18th Annual Automotive Outlook Conference on Tuesday, Jan. 9 at the nearby Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center, offering conference attendees the opportunity to share the NAIAS show floor with credentialed media (the last of the three-day of Press Preview at the show).

    But it’s the general public that deserves to know how vital SAE members are to the development of vehicles they’ll drive in the future.

    “My view is it’s good for people to not only see the engineering that’s being done on the products they see but to understand how the various parts and components are made and how that translates into the value of the vehicles themselves,” says Amati.

    When automotive engineers descend on NAIAS, everything on the show floor is fair game.

    ASNA contact information up-to-date?

    The automotive industry is ever-changing, and its people, it seems, move through the revolving door non-stop. At ASNA, keeping track of the names, positions and contact information is something we want and need to do. What’s more: you’ve asked for it. That’s why we’re asking you to check out the information on our Web site to make sure it's accurate. A manufacturer? Click here. If you're an ASNA sponsor, click here. If you're part of the show resources section of the Web site, click here to make sure we've got you correctly listed. If something is missing, please e-mail us so we can make the necessary additions, deletions, etc. More and more, people are depending on ASNA – still the only organization for and about auto shows – for contact information. Help us out. It’ll take five minutes.

    Charlotte: Bringing media on board continues to build momentum

    Dick Lewis and those involved with the organization of the Charlotte International Auto Show continue to reap dividends from a strategy that began last year to bolster media support for the auto show.

    The Charlotte Convention Center was decked out in grand style for the opening of the Charotte International Auto Show this year.

    As the show director explains, meeting in mid-summer with the general managers and sales managers of area radio and television outlets in particular had the intended outcome.

    “We did have more media support and more television on site at the show,” says Lewis. “All five TV stations had a presence and every one of the 12 radio stations had remote broadcasts.”

    Lewis estimates a 20-30 percent increase in media participation. And he recommends the media meeting as a way to solidify that support.

    “It brings them together in more of a partnering with the auto show,” says Lewis. “And it becomes more of an event for them. There’s a great deal of support for us continuing to meet on an annual basis.”

    Charlotte’s format for the meeting includes a lunch at a local country club and a presentation by three dealers on the executive committee, all talking about the upcoming show.

    It’s hard to argue with success: the show’s entire 280,000 square feet was sold and attendance was up 7 percent over last year.

    Part of that, Lewis says, is likely due to a shift in broadcast advertising to news spots.

    “We have five dealers on our executive committee and most of them do their own buying of radio and television,” says Lewis. “We rely on their expertise and they said ‘let’s give it a try.’ It seemed to be a more effective way to buy television.”

    "Monster" trucks from International were a returning feature at the Charlotte International Auto Show.

    The show itself included a “Family Day” on Sunday, complete with high school bands and a Shrine band, along with clowns, face painting and stilt walkers, all of which were well received.

    Other features included the appearance of Shannon Wiseman, co-host of the NASCAR Angels TV program.

    On the attendance front, organizers were able to leverage the downtown location and the fact that Charlotte is one of the nation’s largest banking centers into a Thursday/Friday surge through the “free lunch” (a soft drink and a hot dog) for office workers.

    Lewis says other attendance building methods are used as well. “We use a lot of coupons for the auto show, and we put them in grocery stores, dealerships, and all the bank branches.”

    He also took a look at the area’s Charlotte-Douglas International Airport as a means of driving more attendance.

    “We started using coupons at the airport a week before the auto show,” says Lewis. “Working with the airport marketing people, we were able to use banners and kiosks. There are a tremendous number of people coming in and out of the city and the cost was minimal to do it.”

    Profile: Charlotte International Auto Show

    Nov. 16-19, 2006

    Next year:
    Nov. 15-18, 2007

    Charlotte Convention Center

    Exhibit Space:
    280,000 square feet

    $8 adults; children under 12 free

    Show Hours:
    Thurs-Fri: 12-10 pm
    Sat: 10 am-10 pm
    Sun: 10 am to 6 pm

    Show Contact:
    Dick Lewis, Show Director

    Show Web Site:

    Discount Coupons:
    $2 off admission coupons available at grocery stores, dealerships and banks in the Greater Charlotte metropolitan area.

    Hartford: New location brings big changes to show

    It’s a “first” for Barbara Pudney and Paragon Group, though definitely not her first auto show. But the fact remains that the Connecticut International Auto Show is in something of a transition with the retirement of Ed Isenberg in January and with it a decision to have Paragon Group take over responsibility for producing the event.

    In brand new quarters at the Connecticut Convention Center, the show has more than doubled its available space and next year will be triple its original size.

    And because the decision itself wasn’t made until May 2006, Pudney and her team had just six months to finalize plans for the November show.

    “It was a short period,” says Pudney. “But it was doable.”

    Indeed, Pudney says plans for next year are already underway, even as she assimilates the new show into a schedule that includes producing the New England International Auto Show and the Portland International Auto Show.

    But we digress.

    This year was a major one for the Connecticut International Auto Show as it moved from its 63,000 square foot location at the Connecticut Expo Center to the 140,000 square foot Connecticut Convention Center, again part of the reason Paragon as a show producer was brought on board. “It was a big change for them,” says Pudney. “And we were able to bring in more factory support to the show.”

    A popular feature at the Connecticut International Auto Show was the giveaway of a Dodge Nitro, courtesy of the local dealer group.
    With the move, a number of challenges followed.

    “First of all, we needed to make sure the public knew about the move,” says Pudney. “That was key.” So a strong marketing effort followed, including tapping in to Pudney’s media contacts.

    “We were able to get some very positive stories in media outlets and we also had live remotes as well,” she notes.

    That aside, Pudney was able to offer show goers features that simply weren’t possible in the smaller facility.

    “We were able to bring in more display properties from manufacturers,” she says. “It gave us a whole new look as far as what the auto show is for Connecticut.”

    And on the paid media side of the equation, Pudney and Paragon were able to bring in additional elements as well, including a giveaway program featuring a Dodge Nitro (working with the New England Dodge Dealers organization).

    Customization projects are a popular auto show feature, with this one at the Connecticut International Auto Show being no exception.
    The show also included a new exotic car showcase, featuring vehicles from Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and Ferrari.

    With a 23 percent surge in attendance, it’s clear everything came together in just the right proportions.

    “Certainly, the costs of moving into the convention center are higher,” Pudney acknowledges. “But everybody’s happy with the results.”

    They’re likely to be even happier next year: plans include adding another 40,000 square feet of exhibit space, making the show triple its size in just two years.

    Profile: Connecticut International Auto Show

    Nov. 16-19, 2006

    Next year:
    Nov. 15-18, 2007

    Connecticut Convention Center

    Exhibit Space:
    140,000 square feet

    $10 for adults; children 8 and under free; $8 for seniors 65 years and older Friday only; $8 for students aged 9-22 with ID, Friday-Sunday.

    Show Hours:
    Thurs: 5 pm-10 pm
    Fri & Sat: 11 am-10 pm
    Sun: 11 am-5 pm

    Show Contact:
    Barbara Pudney, show producer
    Paragon Group

    Show Web site:

    Orlando: Fire and Ice and snow, really, at Central Florida Show

    While other auto shows throughout North America are trending toward fewer entertainment features, sometimes it comes down to: “When in Rome…”

    Or, better said: “When in Orlando...”

    Two "identical" Corvette vehicles--just half a century apart--were featured at this year's Central Florida International Auto Show.

    As Barbara Miller puts it, “Being in Orlando, everyone expects entertainment. And we give it to them.”

    Indeed, the executive vice president of the Central Florida New Car Dealers Association says several new features were added to this season’s show, among them a number of vehicles unlikely to be seen in neighborhood driveways.

    They included two vehicles 50 years apart – 2007 and 1957 model year Corvettes – but with identical exterior and interior color and even identical VIN coding.

    Along with the Corvette Twins were a display from duPont Registry, including a 2006 Bugatti Veyron, the contrast being a 1937 Bugatti touring car.

    Yet another example of bringing something different to the show was the appearance of the world’s longest police car, a 27-foot security themed limousine dubbed “Hot Pursuit.”

    Other show features included a demonstration by air brush artist Richard Markham, who brought his “Fire” and “Ice” vehicles to the show. “Fire” is a 1998 Black Chevrolet Corvette; “Ice” is an airbrushed 2000 Toyota Celica.

    Orlando was also the site of the popular Toyota Off Road On Site Adventure. And with the biggest hills in Orlando typically being limited to various amusement parks, the Toyota ride and drive was very popular indeed. “It’s what takes your breath away,” says Miller.

    Miller says this year’s show was the largest ever, taking up 561,000 square feet of the Orlando Convention Center.

    One interesting marketing effort for the show was the first-time use of a mobile billboard, which toured the Orlando area before and during the auto show.

    Miller says the Thanksgiving weekend spot on the calendar is something she’d like to continue with, and she expresses her thanks to staff and others working the show with a Thanksgiving dinner, which has become something of a tradition.

    The biggest hill in Orlando?

    And even though the rest of the nation might be shopping on the day after Thanksgiving Day, it’s a busy time at the Central Florida International Auto Show.

    “We have a very good day on Thanksgiving Day,” says Miller. “And Friday is just like another Saturday for us.”

    While weather might not seem to be an issue on most days in Orlando, the Florida city got what might be called a “dusting” of the white stuff the night before opening day.

    Yes, snow.

    Miller says it was a big topic of conversation the next day, although any minor accumulation had long disappeared. “People kidded that the showstoppers insurance was in effect.”

    Still, Miller does make sure the auto show is covered, especially from the effects of any tropical storms. And she gets her showstoppers insurance early, typically in May.

    “You have to be careful, because as soon as there’s a ‘named’ storm, you won’t be issued a policy for any tropical storms that season.”

    Profile: Central Florida International Auto Show

    Nov. 22-26, 2006

    Next year:
    Nov. 21-25, 2007 (tentative)

    Orange County Convention Center, Orlando

    Exhibit Space:
    561,000 square feet

    Adults (13 and over), $9; Seniors (62 and over), $4; Military (Active with ID), $4; High school and college students (with ID), $4; Children (7 to 12), $2; Children (6 and under, Free

    Show Hours:
    Wed & Thurs, noon-10 pm
    Fri & Sat, 10 am.-10 pm
    Sun, 10 am-7 pm.

    Show Contact:
    Barbara Miller
    Central Florida Auto Dealers Association

    Show Web site:

    Discount Coupons:
    $2 off adult admission coupons available at McDonald’s restaurants and Web site. Partnered with Marine Corps Toys for Tots campaign, $2 off adult admission with new, unwrapped toy. Wednesday was Orlando Sentinel newspaper day with $3 off adult admission.

    Sacramento: Doubling size produces surge in attendance

    While many climates make the move out of the question, for the Sacramento International Auto Show, expansion by way of using more outdoor space is certainly an option when it comes to meeting increasing demand from manufacturers.

    As Stacey Castle, executive director of the Central Valley New Car Dealers Association, explains, doubling the size of the auto show now makes the four-day event one of the largest events in the state capital, second only to the California State Fair.

    “We took all 13 buildings this year,” says Castle. “That gave visitors twice as much to see.”

    The expansion move was something Castle and her board had looked at for some time. But they took their time in developing the expansion plan.

    “We didn’t want to do it unless we knew it would work well,” says Castle. “That meant taking the time to develop great exhibits and giving our visitors an outstanding experience.”

    And what an experience it was.

    With displays that included street rods, classic rods, alternative transportation (including electric golf carts and scooters), this year’s auto show was successful at a number of levels, not least of which was attendance – up 11 percent from last year.

    Another new feature was a display of some 20 “horseless carriages” (all pre-1912) from the local Towe Auto Museum.

    But simply having the extra displays wasn’t the end of it. Castle capitalized on the fact that the location of the eight buildings, forming a circle, includes a natural step down to a stage area, ideal for music performances.

    “People follow sound,” notes Castle. “So we used that fact by bringing in live music entertainment. It really added energy to the area.”

    Toyota's increasingly popular Off Road On Site Adventure made an appearance at this year's Sacramento International Auto Show.

    In addition, show goers were among the first in the country to take part in Toyota’s popular Off Road On Site Adventure ride and drive program, Sacramento being the lead-off to this season’s series.

    And for good reason. As Castle explains, Sacramento’s proximity to the Sierra mountains makes the area a strong four-wheel drive truck market. “We have a lot of Jeep clubs here and some people buy four-wheel drive vehicles just to get over the hill. It’s also a true work truck market.”

    Other notable show features added were a motorcycle display area and an expanded children’s play area.

    Already looking ahead to next year, Castle says she expects to duplicate this year’s show blueprint, perhaps with some tweaking.

    “We’ve had tremendous feedback from manufacturers and other exhibitors,” says Castle. “It seems this year we reached a whole new plateau.”

    The success of the show will translate into additional dollars raised for charitable purposes, which is how the revenue is allocated.

    “We’ve been able to create a brand new program to address the issue of reckless driving and impaired driving issues among young drivers,” says Castle.

    Working with school districts and the California Highway Patrol, the dealer association is developing a “campus to campus” presentation complete with DVD support that will include bringing actual crashed vehicles to put on display at the schools, initially in Sacramento and eventually spreading to some 10 districts in the vicinity.

    “Kids will be able to see the ramifications of reckless and impaired driving,” says Castle. “They’ll also get to hear from someone who can speak of the pain and suffering it causes.”

    Profile: Sacramento International Auto Show

    Nov. 9-12. 2006

    Next year:
    Nov. 8-11, 2007

    Cal Expo, Sacramento

    Exhibit Space:
    500,000 square feet

    $9 adults, children 12 and under free

    Show Hours:
    Thurs & Fri: 11 am-9 pm
    Sat: 11 am-8 pm
    Sun: 11 am-6 pm

    Show Contact:
    Stacey Castle, ATAE
    Executive Director, CVNCDA

    Show Web site:

    Discount Coupons:
    $2 off coupon available at dealer members and show Web site

    Auto Shows of North America Show Directory

    Albany Auto Show
    3/23/2007 - 3/25/2007

    Empire State Plaza Auto Show
    11/2/2007 - 11/4/2007

    New Mexico International Auto Show
    4/19/2007 - 4/22/2007

    Orange County Auto Show
    10/3/2007 - 10/7/2007

    Atlanta Journal-Constitution International Auto Show
    3/10/2007 - 3/18/2007

    Austin American Statesman Auto Show
    12/1/2006 - 12/3/2006

    Baltimore International Auto Show
    2/8/2007 - 2/11/2007

    Bethlehem, PA
    Greater Lehigh Valley Auto Show
    3/22/2007 - 3/25/2007

    Alabama International Auto Show
    11/8/2007 - 11/11/2007

    New England International Auto Show
    11/4/2006 - 11/12/2006

    Buffalo Auto Show
    2/7/2007 - 2/11/2007

    Calgary International Auto & Truck Show
    3/14/2007 - 3/18/2007

    West Virginia International Auto Show
    1/19/2007 - 1/21/2007

    Charlotte International Auto Show
    11/15/2007 - 11/18/2007

    Chicago Auto Show
    2/9/2007 - 2/18/2007

    Cincinnati Auto Expo
    2/15/2007 - 2/18/2007

    Cleveland Auto Show
    2/24/2007 - 3/4/2007

    Columbus International Auto Show
    3/9/2007 - 3/18/2007

    Dallas Auto Show
    3/14/2007 - 3/18/2007

    Iowa/Illinois Regional Auto Show
    2/9/2007 - 2/11/2007

    Dayton Auto Show
    3/22/2007 - 3/25/2007

    Denver Auto Show
    3/28/2007 - 4/1/2007

    North American International Auto Show
    1/13/2007 - 1/21/2007

    Edmonton Motor Show
    3/1/2007 - 3/4/2007

    Fort Worth
    Greater Tarrant County Auto Show
    2/15/2007 - 2/18/2007

    Central California International Auto Show
    11/2/2007 - 11/4/2007

    South Carolina International Auto Show
    1/12/2007 - 1/15/2007

    Harrisburg, PA
    Pennsylvania Auto and Boat Show
    1/24/2007 - 1/28/2007

    Connecticut International Auto Show
    11/15/2007 - 11/18/2007

    First Hawaiian International Auto Show
    3/22/2007 - 3/25/2007

    Houston Auto Show
    1/27/2007 - 2/4/2007

    Indianapolis Auto Show
    12/26/2006 - 1/1/2007

    Kansas City
    Greater Kansas City International Auto Show
    3/8/2007 - 3/11/2007

    Las Vegas
    Las Vegas International Auto Show
    11/24/2006 - 11/26/2006

    Los Angeles
    Los Angeles Auto Show
    11/29/2006 - 12/10/2006

    Louisville Auto Show and Sale
    1/26/2007 - 1/28/2007

    South Florida International Auto Show
    11/9/2007 - 11/18/2007

    Greater Milwaukee Auto Show
    2/24/2007 - 3/4/2007

    Minneapolis/St. Paul
    Greater St. Paul & Minneapolis International Auto Show
    3/10/2007 - 3/18/2007

    Montreal International Auto Show
    1/19/2007 - 1/28/2007

    New Orleans
    New Orleans International Auto Show
    3/9/2007 - 3/11/2007

    New York
    New York International Auto Show
    4/6/2007 - 4/15/2007

    Oklahoma City
    Oklahoma City International Auto Show
    3/8/2007 - 3/11/2007

    Midlands International Auto Show
    1/25/2007 - 1/28/2007

    Central Florida International Auto Show
    11/21/2007 - 11/25/2007

    Philadelphia International Auto Show
    2/3/2007 - 2/11/2007

    Arizona International Auto Show
    11/22/2007 - 11/25/2007

    Pittsburgh International Auto Show
    2/10/2007 - 2/18/2007

    Portland International Auto Show
    1/25/2007 - 1/28/2007

    Northeast International Auto Show
    1/25/2007 - 1/28/2007

    Virginia Motor Trend International Auto Show
    3/9/2007 - 3/11/2007

    Rochester International Auto Show
    2/28/2007 - 3/4/2007

    Sacramento International Auto Show
    11/8/2007 - 11/11/2007

    Saint Louis
    Saint Louis International Auto Show
    1/24/2007 - 1/28/2007

    Salt Lake City
    Utah International Auto Expo
    1/12/2007 - 1/15/2007

    San Antonio
    San Antonio Auto & Truck Show
    11/8/2007 - 11/11/2007

    San Diego
    San Diego International Auto Show
    12/27/2006 - 12/31/2006

    San Jose
    San Jose International Auto Show
    1/11/2007 - 1/15/2007

    Seattle International Auto Show
    10/25/2006 - 10/29/2006

    Spokane International Auto Show
    2/9/2007 - 2/11/2007

    Tampa Bay International Auto Show
    11/8/2007 - 11/11/2007

    Greater Toledo Auto Show
    1/25/2007 - 1/28/2007

    Canadian International Auto Show
    2/15/2007 - 2/24/2007

    Tulsa Auto Show
    1/1/2005 - 1/1/2005

    Vancouver International Auto Show (formerly Pacific International)
    3/30/2007 - 4/8/2007

    Washington Auto Show
    1/23/2007 - 1/28/2007


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