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  • Introducing the Canadian Auto Show Managers Association
  • Germans may use Daimler name in deal with Ford's Jaguar
  • Ford offers hint of future small cars
  • H.B. Stubbs will manage major Chrysler auto shows

    Show Profiles

  • Albuquerque: Building relationships with next generation a key strength
  • Columbus: Big names continue to draw crowds
  • Edmonton: Getting ready for future expansion, test drives
  • New Orleans: Momentum builds in post-Katrina world
  • Toledo: Smaller show offers personal feel, lots of interaction

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    Introducing the Canadian Auto Show Managers Association

    A group of auto show managers in Canada has organized in an effort to simplify and standardize on issues of common interest, says its chair.

    Bob Vilas, who runs the Edmonton Motor Show, says the Canadian Auto Show Managers Association, which had its inaugural meeting on June 1, has already made progress in one area - raised flooring.

    "It's a safety issue with many shows," says Vilas. "And there are legal aspects as well. We felt it would be desirable to have a uniform policy for the seven Canadian shows and we've been able to do that."

    The result, he says, will be manufacturers and exhibit houses knowing in advance what can be constructed in the show halls.

    "It eases the burden for manufacturers, knowing what's going to be allowed," says Vilas.

    CASMA members - show managers for Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City as well as Edmonton - are working on the development of a national career pathways exhibit that will promote opportunities for young people attending auto shows.

    "It's something that's definitely overdue, says Vilas.

    Germans may use Daimler name in deal with Ford's Jaguar

    Interesting. Very interesting. It seems that Ford, through its Jaguar brand, actually owns the rights to the Daimler name, at least as far as vehicles are concerned. Reports, including one in Automotive News, suggest that DaimlerChrysler, but now without the Chrysler, has made a deal, details undisclosed, to use Daimler AG as the company's new moniker. How could such a thing happen? Jaguar acquired the name Daimler AG in 1960 when it bought the British subsidiary set up by auto pioneer Gottfried Daimler in 1896. Today the Daimler badge still appears on some high-end versions of Jaguar cars and Ford's luxury division, part of its Premier Automotive Group.

    Ford offers hint of future small cars

    Ford Verve

    Ford's unveiling of a design concept is meant to be a "significant hint" for how its global small car family will look, the company has said. The Verve, a two-door concept, debuts in Frankfurt in September. Shared global vehicles are said to be a centerpiece of Ford CEO Alan Mulally's turnaround strategy. When the vehicle goes into production, the company hopes to make at least 1 million of the Ford-branded small car and its cousin, the Mazda2. The Verve, which was designed in Dunton, England, and Cologne, Germany, is the first of three concepts for a new small car that Ford will show over the next few months at major motor shows in Germany, China and Detroit.

    H.B. Stubbs will manage major Chrysler auto shows

    H.B. Stubbs Companies has been awarded the Chrysler Group contract for program management in support of all "A and B" level auto shows across the United States. In addition to auto shows, Stubbs was awarded three Track Events: Jeep 101 Course and Dodge SRT Washington D.C. and Cleveland, and Jeep 101 Course in Miami. "We have strong experience in the automotive arena," said Donald Mascot, vice president of account development at H.B. Stubbs. "We are eager to apply our experience and continue to work with Chrysler to develop and implement innovative and cost effective marketing programs."

    Albuquerque: Building relationships with next generation a key strength

    Four years into the New Mexico International Auto Show, Charles Henson remains enthusiastic about the future - and just as passionate as ever about the positive role the event plays in the future of young people.

    The emphasis is evident in at least two areas, one being the positive relationship the Motor Trend-produced show has developed with Boy Scouts of America.

    It was all smiles and cars at the first-ever Charity Preview at the New Mexico International Auto Show, with the Camaro concept featured.

    That plays out in the hosting of the Pinewood Derby, this past show being the second year where finals for the popular Scouts racecar event were held.

    "We're very proud of the relationship we have with the Boy Scouts," says Henson.

    In keeping with the race theme, albeit on a slightly larger scale, the show has continued featuring a Kids Autobahn, with 10 small battery powered cars that are donated to local children's charities following the event.

    "We have a course set up right at the show and the kids can drive the cars," says Henson.

    Another way of helping young people is the ongoing commitment by show organizers to deliver a strong "alcohol and cars don't mix" message.

    "It's something we're going to continue to deliver with every opportunity we have," says Henson, who is both passionate about the issue and adamant about the negative effects of drinking and driving , so much so that he states: "It's never an accident where alcohol is involved."

    Among the changes Henson has seen over the four years of the New Mexico show, a steady growth in attendance is among the most notable.

    "Motor Trend, the local association and the manufacturers have all worked very hard towards building exposure for the event," says Henson.

    And people are noticing.

    "We're now the largest attended event at the Albuquerque Convention Center," he says. "The city has not seen a show of this caliber before. Remember, four years ago, we hadn't had an auto show in our city for more than 30 years."

    Was it an uphill struggle to get the show up and running? Henson says timing was on the side of the organizers.

    "It wasn't difficult to get manufacturers on board," he says. "When you look at the demographics of this year, it's clear that we have a growing market that was ready and deserving of a show of this type."

    Indeed, in the early years of the show, even the most astute planners may have underestimated the interest and subsequent attendance.

    "We had expected a strong attendance but even then, it was overwhelming," says Henson. "And we've had greater success for each show since then."

    Henson says interest in the show and the support received for the event has been encouraging, perhaps because of the way show organizers have sought to create win-win relationships.

    "This show has become that type of vehicle within our community," he says. "We're working to help our dealers with their needs, but we're also keeping in mind that we have an obligation to the community to support their needs as well, something we've been able to do from a charitable perspective."

    Henson says a new charity preview event this year was seeded with $10,000 from the dealer association; the upcoming show will see the featured charity - Juvenile Diabetes - carry on for a second year but with 70 percent of the proceeds, the remaining 30 percent going to a new charity. In year three, the new charity will get bumped up to 70 percent, with another new recipient being added to the mix.

    "We think that's a great way to help multiple charities while giving them some degree of continuity," says Henson.

    Profile: New Mexico International Auto Show

    Most recent show:
    April 19-22, 2007

    Next show:
    April 25-27, 2008 (changing to three-day show)

    Albuquerque Convention Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Exhibit Space:
    140,000 square feet (approximate)

    Adults, $8; Seniors (60+), $6; Children 6-12 (accompanied by adult), $4; under 6 free; Military (with ID), $5; $2 off adult ticket price with coupon from McDonald's Restaurants.

    Show Hours:
    Friday, noon-10 pm; Saturday, 10 am-10 pm; Sunday, 10 am-7 pm

    Show Contact:
    Charles Henson, ATAE
    New Mexico Automobile Dealers Association, 505.345.6060

    Show Web site:

    Columbus: Big names continue to draw crowds

    For organizers of the Columbus International Auto Show, luring attendees to Ohio's capital city has always included giving them what they want - big names.

    Famed Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel is a perennial favorite at the Columbus auto show.

    This past year that included a perennial favorite, Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel.

    "People waited in line for hours to see him," says Nikki Bragg, auto show manager. "He's a very popular guy in the area."

    And not just Tressel. NASCAR driver J.J. Yeley was also drawing his share of crowds as did Adrienne Janic, from TLC's Overhaulin' and Cincinnati Bengal Kewan Ratliff.

    With attendance up slightly over last year, Bragg says the strategy appears to be working.

    NASCAR driver J.J. Yeley made a featured appearance at this year's Columbus International Auto Show.

    She also applies a well-oiled marketing machine to make sure the momentum continues. Part of the strategy is making sure media representatives have ample opportunity to "pre-test" the vehicles and talk about them to their audiences, in doing so driving attendance.

    The blitz, says Bragg, begins a couple of weeks in advance of the auto show.

    Advertising and public relations efforts will extend beyond the Columbus area to perhaps an hour's drive away.

    The auto show includes an annual preview party opening with cocktail reception for invited guests.

    Funds raised this year - about$30,000 - went to Easter Seals of Central Ohio. A different charity is selected every year, with past recipients having included the Childhood League, Canine Companions for Independence and Recreation Unlimited.

    "Lots to do" includes an opportunity to do a little rock climbing at the Columbus auto show activity center.

    As the auto show gets underway inside the Columbus Convention Center, attendees get to see the vehicles, of course, but also participate in an annual activity center, which includes activities such as a climbing wall and NASCAR simulator, and not just for little ones.

    "We let them all play," laughs Bragg.

    Other features of the show include a three-point shootout, where local high schools compete for scholarships and a "Cubed Car" contest that has people guessing the make, model and year of a vehicle crushed to 3-foot by 3-foot dimensions.

    "We make the mileage a tie-breaker," says Bragg. "Because believe it or not, more than one person will guess the vehicle."

    The winner gets a very nice - and completely uncrushed - TV.

    Open for guesses: Model? Make? Mileage? Anyone? Anyone?

    Profile: Columbus International Auto Show

    Most recent show:
    Mar. 9-18, 2007

    Next year:
    Mar. 8-16, 2008

    Columbus Convention Center

    Exhibit Space:
    300,000 square feet

    Adults $8, Children (12 and under) free when accompanied by paid adult

    Show Hours:
    First Friday, 7 pm-10 pm; Saturdays, 10 am-10 pm; First Sunday, 11 am-7 pm; Mon.-Thurs., 3 pm-9 pm; Second Friday, 11 am-10 pm; Final Sunday, 11 am-5 pm.

    Show Contact:
    Nikki Bragg, show manager, 614.923.2234

    Show Web site:

    Edmonton: Getting ready for future expansion, test drives

    Ahh, those pesky building projects.

    In Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, where the economy of the oil-rich Canadian province is burning hot, the home of the Edmonton Motor Show is undergoing a major expansion.

    Combine trucks and the Oilers and hockey-hungry Edmonton fans will be there.

    And while Bob Vilas, executive manager of the Edmonton Motor Dealers Association, is clearly looking forward to a greatly expanded Edmonton Motor Show in two or three years, getting there has presented its own set of challenges.

    For the most recent show, having three home games for the ever-popular NHL Edmonton Oilers didn't help attendance, the impact being felt in the amount of parking space available for the auto show.

    Even so, Vilas says attendance was off this year by just 3 percent, all things considered not a bad run. But Vilas' eyes are on the future: in 2009, the show will gain an additional 60,000 square feet (it now has 245,000 at the Northlands AgriCom facility) and the following year some 500,000 square feet of space will be at his disposal--and all under one roof.

    Vilas says he manufacturers may sign up for as much as 340,000 of that space, leaving a good bit of room for auto related exhibits, such as one dedicated to showcasing aftermarket offerings.

    Indeed, Vilas is already taking steps to move in that direction, with next year's planned showcasing of 25 cars in five customizing categories: Big SUVs, hot rods, sport compacts, muscle cars, and modified exotics.

    The Edmonton Motor Show got to do a "test drive" of its innovative program to get consumers in a vehicle of their choice.

    "We're going to various specialty shows and inviting five of the best in each of those categories to bring their work to the Edmonton Motor Show," says Vilas.

    Last year, the Edmonton show had hoped to introduce a significant innovation when it came to providing test drive opportunities for attendees, a system that would accept instant bookings and see their choice of vehicle pull up for what Vilas sees as a logical next step in the sales process.

    "People are at the show because they're in the market for a vehicle," says Vilas. "If we can help them by getting them into a car, it will make it that much easier for our dealer members."

    While the system worked well, Vilas and his staff encountered what he expects will be a temporary hurdle - the insurance factor.

    Specifically, at least some manufacturers wanted test drive vehicles to come from dealer stock and with deductibles typically at the $20,000, the "instant test drive" concept was effectively stalled.

    Although Vilas has found a way to solve the problem in the future, all was not lost for this season's show, organizers being able to showcase the technology and accept bookings for dealer test drives within hours of someone attending the show. About 800 show goers took advantage of the opportunity.

    The technology being employed by Edmonton includes text messaging of consumers who, in the future, would be free to roam the rest of the show until their choice of vehicle was ready for the test drive.

    Vilas is still holding out hope for a full introduction of the test drive program at next year's show, although the building he's eyeing for the event is currently scheduled for demolition. "If we don't do it next year, it will happen for sure in 2009."

    When that arrives, Vilas believes the idea will take off elsewhere. "It's the last missing factor from the auto show. I think most auto shows will be looking at it in the future.

    Other highlight of this year's show included Toyota's very successful Off-Road On-Site Adventure, located in prime space just outside the main doors of the hall.

    Toyota's Off-Road On-Site Adventure, Edmonton style.

    There was also a somewhat unofficial theme among manufacturers.

    "It was the year of the technology," says Vilas, referring to a plethora of systems designed to offer customer convenience, among them those that allow a vehicle to "self park" or provide turn-by-turn navigation as well as integration with cell phones or other mobile devices (seen in the Sync technology introduced by Ford and Microsoft).

    The money the show raises is being invested in education programs that will ultimately help those looking for a career in automotive and the industry itself.

    "We gave out 153 scholarships last year, ranging from $1,000 to $2,500," says Vilas. Students benefiting were enrolled in a variety of programs, including those considering careers as automotive service or body shop technicians.

    Additionally, the dealer association supports a grade 10-11 program one that allows registrants to alternate between classroom and work, entering a second year apprenticeship on completion of high school.

    Profile: Edmonton Motor Show

    March 1-4, 2007

    Next year:
    Feb. 28-March 2, 2008

    Northlands AgriCom

    Exhibit Space:
    245,000 square feet

    Adults, $14; Seniors/students, $12; Family Pass (2 adults, 3 students or younger), $30

    Show Hours:
    Thurs.-Sat., 10 am-10 pm; Sun., 10 am-6 pm

    Show Contact:
    Bob Vilas, ATAE, 780.423.2401

    Discount Coupons:
    Advance ticket sales on admission, $12

    Show Web site:

    New Orleans: Momentum builds in post-Katrina world

    Jeffrie Schultiss Fricke, the powerhouse behind the New Orleans International Auto Show, having raised the event post-Katrina just a few weeks after the devastating floods, remains optimistic about the future of the show.

    Car shoppers in a recovering New Orleans had lots to see at the auto show.

    Certainly, there are challenges to overcome in a city where residents continue to return. Fewer dealerships are open than there were prior to the hurricanes of 2005 and there remains a significant labor shortage at the dealerships that have reopened.

    But Schultiss Fricke, who is hard at work organizing the 2008 event, says the auto show has adapted through the challenging times.

    The show has also changed venues, from the Louisiana Superdome where it was prior to Katrina, to the Morial Convention Center, a much bigger space in which to hold the show.

    "We do have a lot of space there," says Schultiss Fricke. "It's allowed us to put on some very nice displays, including classic cars, antique cars, racing cars, and monster trucks."

    The cavernous Moral Convention Center is still home for the New Orleans auto show, albeit temporarily.

    The double-edged sword is that the auto show will, as early as 2011, be bumped back to the Superdome as convention business rebounds.

    "It's good for New Orleans, having heads in beds," says Schultiss Fricke. "But we're taking advantage of being able to be in the convention center through 2010."

    For the second year in a row, the auto show has been able to employ college students to assist with manufacturer representatives on Sunday, when Louisiana law forbids dealership salespeople from working (previous pre-Katrina shows weren't open on Sundays at all).

    A $25,000 giveaway toward the purchase of a new car was one way the auto show was able to build interest in the event. Marketing targeted communities within 100 miles of the city, a five-parish area which is now considered part of the New Orleans market, many of the people being connected to the area but temporarily having moved away.

    "People are coming back," stresses Schultiss Fricke. "We had a strong increase in attendance and from a business perspective, dealers are moving back into their regular sales cycles," who adds that she’s particularly pleased with how automakers were able to help staff displays in light of the shortage of labor at the dealership level.

    Always a couple of crowd favorites, a cartoon dog and Spidey.

    Other support came through various sponsorships, such as that provided by Enterprise Leasing and the Times-Picayune newspaper (its site was particularly supportive when it came to marketing the show).

    Schultiss Fricke remains optimistic about the future of the area, and with good reason: Donald Trump is investing in a highrise hotel and condo development with other investments in a rebuilt city on or over the horizon.

    "We may look different but we're maintaining the culture and what everyone loves about New Orleans," says Schultiss Fricke. "And we want people to visit. That's how we're going to grow again."

    Profile: New Orleans International Auto Show

    Most recent show:
    Mar. 9-11, 2007

    Next year:
    Feb. 29-Mar. 2, 2008

    Ernest P. Morial Convention Center

    Exhibit Space:
    225,000 square feet

    Adults, $7; Seniors, $6; Kids under 12, free

    Show Hours:
    Friday, 1 pm-10 pm; Saturday, 10 am-10 pm; Sunday, 11 am-6 pm

    Show Contact:
    Jeffrie Schultis Fricke
    Greater New Orleans New Car Dealers Association

    Show Web site:

    Toledo: Smaller show offers personal feel, lots of interaction

    It may be only a quarter of the size of the larger Columbus International Auto Show, but an event organized by the Toledo Automobile Dealers Association is no less important in giving prospective car buyers what they want.

    Elvis impersonator Mike Albert performed his "Ultimate Tribute" at the preview gala at the Greater Toledo Auto Show.

    In fact, it may offer even more, says Nikki Bragg, who doubles as auto show manager for both the Columbus show and the Greater Toledo Auto Show.

    "Dealers send their salespeople to the show and combined with the product specialists, it's a great opportunity for people to get all the information they need for any vehicle," says Bragg.

    It's been four years since the Ohio Automobile Dealers Association took over the Toledo dealer group (on the retirement of Clay Hepler) and Bragg has been at the helm ever since. Attendance the first year jumped dramatically, but then dipped thanks to Super Bowl Sunday. This year the auto show posted a 28 percent increase in attendance.

    Face painting for the kids brought in a family crowd to the Toledo show.

    Bragg says the SeaGate Convention Center, with just 75,000 square feet of space, limits what can be done with displays. But she says promoting and increasing attendance for the show is still a goal.

    "We're doing our best to bring in concept cars and to continue to build manufacturer and dealer support for the show," says Bragg. One recent strategy was the giveaway of a two-year lease on a Mercury Milan, something that wasn't done in Columbus.

    On the other hand, some events are seemingly "borrowed" from Toledo's sister Ohio city, notably the Cubed Car contest (see the profile on the Columbus show in this issue) and a charity gala preview that raised funds for St. Luke's Hospital, American Red Cross, Assistance Dogs of America and the scholarship program of Auto Dealers United For Kids.

    Micro-racing was a popular part of the Toledo show.

    Profile: Greater Toledo Auto Show

    Most recent show:
    Jan. 25-28, 2007

    Next year:
    Jan. 24-27, 2008

    SeaGate Convention Center

    Exhibit Space:
    75,000 square feet

    Adults $5, Children (12 and under) free when accompanied by paid adult

    Show Hours:
    Thurs., 3 pm-8 pm; Fri., 11 am-9 pm; Sat., 10 am-9 pm; Sun., 10 am-5 pm.

    Show Contact:
    Nikki Bragg, show manager, 614.923.2234

    Show Web site:

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    3/8/2008 - 3/16/2008

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    North American International Auto Show
    1/19/2008 - 1/27/2008

    Edmonton Motor Show
    2/28/2008 - 3/2/2008

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    Greater Tarrant County Auto Show
    3/13/2008 - 3/16/2008

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    11/2/2007 - 11/4/2007

    South Carolina International Auto Show
    1/18/2008 - 1/20/2008

    Harrisburg, PA
    Pennsylvania Auto and Boat Show
    1/23/2008 - 1/27/2008

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    1/26/2008 - 2/3/2008

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    Greater Kansas City International Auto Show
    3/5/2008 - 3/9/2008

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    Las Vegas International Auto Show
    11/23/2007 - 11/25/2007

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    Los Angeles Auto Show
    11/14/2007 - 11/25/2007

    Louisville Auto Show and Sale
    2/22/2008 - 2/24/2008

    South Florida International Auto Show
    11/9/2007 - 11/18/2007

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    2/24/2007 - 3/4/2007

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    Greater St. Paul & Minneapolis International Auto Show
    3/8/2008 - 3/16/2008

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    1/18/2008 - 1/27/2008

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    New Orleans International Auto Show
    2/29/2008 - 3/2/2008

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    New York International Auto Show
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    Oklahoma City International Auto Show
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    Tampa Bay International Auto Show
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    Greater Toledo Auto Show
    1/24/2008 - 1/27/2008

    Canadian International Auto Show
    2/15/2008 - 2/24/2008

    Vancouver International Auto Show
    3/29/2008 - 4/6/2008

    Washington Auto Show
    1/23/2008 - 1/27/2008


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