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Industry News
  • ASNA Summer Meetings set for July 15-16
  • Jackson: First-ever show three years in the planning
  • Hyundai to scrap Tiburon
  • Ford surprises analysts with 1Q profit
  • Austin announces new show dates
  • Comings and goings

    Show Profiles

  • Albany: Push free gas and they'll come in droves
  • Kansas City: Bye-bye VIP night, hello more attendees
  • Milwaukee: Last year's snow now history, show sees a 16 percent recovery
  • New Orleans: Best show in five years reflective of city's rebirth
  • New York: It's (still) about bringing buyers to the vehicles
  • Rochester: Consistent show has a new ATAE at helm

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  • Alphabetical listing of ASNA shows and dates for 2007-2008

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    ASNA Summer Meetings set for July 15-16

    Auto Shows of North America will hold its annual Summer Meetings July 15-16, 2008, at the renown La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, Calif. A reception will be held Tues. evening, July 15; the meetings on Wed., July 16. For more information please visit or contact Jill Goldfine, ATAE meetings & conference manager, at 703.821.7070.

    Jackson: First-ever show three years in the planning

    When Bill Lehman, ATAE of the Mississippi Automobile Dealers' Association, got wind three years ago that there would be a newly constructed convention center in the state capital, he put on his planning hat.

    Bill Lehman of the Mississippi Automobile Dealers' Association is looking forward to the inaugural Mississippi International Auto Show in Jackson next January.

    The result is the upcoming, first-ever Mississippi International Auto Show, scheduled for Jan. 23-25, 2009, which will inaugurate the Capital City Convention Center.

    As Lehman explains, having a space big enough for an auto show was the critical "first step." He expects what will be a very good show in its first year to be "a great show" as the event grows into its space.

    That will include eventually expanding into the adjacent Mississippi Telecommunications Conference & Training Center, which means the initial 85,000 square feet could ultimately become about 130,000 square feet in total.

    Motor Trend Auto Shows will produce the event.

    Hyundai to scrap Tiburon

    Hyundai, which restyled its two-door front-wheel-drive Tiburon sports car as recently as 2007, won't be producing the vehicle after the 2008 model year, when the carmaker's Genesis coupe is launched. While the Genesis is not a replacement for the Tiburon, John Krafcik, product development vice president for Hyundai Motor America, did tell Automotive News that a replacement likely would be similar to the Veloster coupe concept, powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and a five-speed manual transmission. The Tiburon was first introduced in 1997.

    Ford surprises analysts with 1Q profit

    Ford Motor Co. exceeded analyst expectations by posting net income of $100 million in the first quarter of 2008. Its 20 cents a share was in sharp contrast to an expected loss of 16 cents. Ford said the improvement (it had posted a loss of $282 million a year ago) was due to cost reductions, including lower structural and product costs. CEO Alan Mulally said the company is continuing to work through its turnaround plan. "Going forward, we remain committed to our key business objectives, including our goal of reaching North America and overall automotive profitability in 2009 despite the challenging economic conditions."

    Austin announces new show dates

    The Austin Auto Show, officially known as the StatesmanCars Auto Show, has changed its upcoming dates from December 2008, to April 17-19, 2009. Presented by the Austin Auto Dealers Association, the show is held at the Austin Convention Center. For more information contact Jennifer A. George, show manager, 512.479.0425.

    Comings and goings

    David Barnas, the third Chrysler PR executive to leave the now-privately held automaker, is joining a Saginaw-based spinoff of Delphi Corp. Barnas told The Detroit News he was leaving on good terms. "I'm running to an opportunity, not running away from anything," he was quoted as saying. "I'll miss my friends at Chrysler." Other PR execs having left Chrysler since it went private include Jason Vines, former VP, now at Compuware Corp., and Mike Aberlich, who retired.

    Carrie Wigh

    Carrie Wigh has joined Access TCA, an experiential marketing company, as an account manager to support its growing automotive segment. Wigh, who has worked at Mitsubishi, Mazda and Volvo, will be based in southern California.

    General Motors has hired Mark McNabb, the Nissan head of sales who left in March, to lead sales at Cadillac, Hummer and Saab, a move that sees a realignment of the company's U.S. marketing strategy. As part of the reorganization, GM will distribute eight brands through four channels.

    GM is also promoting a regional manager to lead the Buick-Pontiac-GMC business, while Chevrolet and Saturn will each remain under separate leadership, a move the automaker hopes will help differentiate its eight U.S. divisions and improve dealer profits.

    Ed Peper

    Chevrolet GM Ed Peper and Susan Docherty, now western regional chief, will now be North American vice presidents of the Chevy and Buick-Pontiac-GMC channels. GM is also promoting Buick-Pontiac-GMC General Manager Jim Bunnell to executive director of the four channels, with both he and McNabb reporting to North American sales chief Mark LaNeve.

    General managers for Saab, Hummer and Cadillac will retain their positions and report to McNabb. Jill Lajdziak remains general manager of Saturn.

    The moves take effect June 1.

    Albany: Push free gas and they'll come in droves

    Yes, it's the capital city of one of America's most populous states. But even Kim Perrella of the Eastern New York Coalition of Automotive Retailers admits that Albany, N.Y., is not the biggest when it comes to auto shows.

    The Smart car has become an eye-catcher at the auto shows able to attract the ultra-small vehicle, including New York's Albany Auto Show.

    And that's even considering it's a city with two events, one being the Empire State Plaza Auto Show (covered in a previous issue of The Auto Show Report).

    Little wonder then that Perrella was surprised and delighted that the Albany Auto Show, ENYCAR's spring paid-attendance event, held April 4-6, 2008, attracted a larger share of vehicles than in previous years.

    "It was the first year in quite a few that we've been able to get some of the really exciting cars out there," says Perrella, who was sure to use the appearance of vehicles such as Nissan's 2009 Maxima in promoting the show.

    The result was the best attendance the Albany Auto Show has had in four years - some 40 percent up from a year ago.

    Checking out the latest at the Albany Auto Show.

    Perrella focused her promotional efforts on high gas prices, capitalizing on the public's thirst for relief.

    That included an hourly gas card giveaway that Perrella says was surprising in its popularity as well as a "free gas for a year" promotion for one lucky winner.

    The boost in attendance might also be credited to a discounted $3 admission held from noon to 3 p.m. on opening day in conjunction with an early bird "flyaway giveaway," the prize being two tickets to any Southwest Airlines destination.

    Besides the giveaways and the new cars, show goers were treated to jugglers, face painting artists and stilt-walkers, a strategy Perrella prefers over celebrities or other forms of entertainment. "It's been our experience that any increase in attendance doesn't pay for the extra cost."

    Albany experienced its best attendance in four years--40 percent higher than a year earlier.

    What was absolutely free at this year's Albany Auto Show was the weather, a bonus as far as the event was concerned given that relatively pleasant weather is not something the area has always had in early April.

    "It was the first nice weekend, but not so warm that people were out doing yard work," notes Perrella.

    It was nice enough, however, that at least some auto show attendees went straight from the event to their dealerships. "We heard stories about people buying the actual vehicle that was on display and coming back to the show to admire it again."

    Perrella says dealers are already talking about a uptick in sales, the result of shoppers the best form of spring fever an auto dealer could imagine.

    "I did my job, which was to get people out to the auto show. Now it's up to them."

    All smiles! Kids are always a big part of any family friendly auto show. Albany Auto Show organizer Kim Perrella prefers walk around entertainment features over celebrities.

    Profile: Albany Auto Show

    April 4-6, 2008

    Next show:
    April 3-5, 2009

    Pepsi Arena

    Exhibit Space:
    less than 50,000 square feet

    Adults, $7; Children (under 12) free (accompanies by adult)

    Show Hours:
    Fri. 3-9 pm; Sat. 10 am-9 pm; Sun. 11 am-5 pm

    Produced by:
    Eastern New York Coalition of Automotive Retailers

    Show Contact:
    Deborah Dorman, ATAE, 518.452.0584
    Kim Perrella, show manager, 518.452.0584

    Show Website:

    Kansas City: Bye-bye VIP night, hello more attendees

    As several auto shows find themselves launching pre-show gala or charity events, Bill Morrison of the Greater Kansas City International Auto Show, held March 5-9, 2008, is doing just about the opposite.

    Hard to say who's having more fun.

    As executive vice president of the Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Kansas City, he and the dealer members have opted to do away with their VIP event altogether.

    "It was real nice and everyone had a good time, but it was costing a lot of money," says Morrison. "More to the point, we sat down and asked 'why are we really doing an auto show?' And the main reason is to generate attendance and exposure to the product."

    What Morrison and his members did next was to focus on building that attendance and exposure, opening up the Bartle Hall Convention Center to the public on a two-for-one ticket basis.

    One of Chrysler's latest revivals--the Dodge Challenger--is drawing crowds to shows where it appears.

    Those five hours of additional auto show exposure helped boost attendance by 17 percent over last year and gave Morrison his most financially successful show ever.

    There were other reasons, of course, one being having two ride and drive events - by Mitsubishi and Chrysler - the two automakers taking opposite ends of the show hall (with Mitsubishi renting a brand new parking lot, Chrysler renting space on a cordoned-off street for their facility).

    Morrison also credits the show's success to the appearance of Mercedes' Smart car, making Kansas City one of the few places outside major metropolitan centers the diminutive vehicle has been formally shown.

    The overall result was a completely sold-out event as far as space was concerned. "Every inch," says Morrison.

    New or classic, there's an audience for cars of every vintage.

    Marketing for the show included adding a scratch-off coupon promotion for those who attended the show preview night and a significant investment in billboard promotions in what amounts to a sprawling area. Morrison also put a renewed emphasis on the show's Website

    At the same time, Morrison worked to highlight the concept cars Kansas City was able to attract.

    "As soon as we found out what vehicles are coming, we advertised them," he says. "Those concept cars [including this year the Bumblebee Camaro and Dodge Charger] are big draws."

    Other strategies Morrison employs to build awareness and energy at the auto show are the giving away of free passes to high school groups. "These are our future customers," he says. "We've never turned anyone away yet."

    Further promotion included Sunday newspaper distribution of the official auto show program a week before the show within the Kansas City Star, a show sponsor. Morrison also teamed up with merchants in a revitalized downtown Kansas City to distribute discount coupons in return for four free tickets to the show. "That helped us a lot," he says.

    Brands like Toyota's Lexus division see the auto show environment as a great place to showcase new models or concepts. Dreaming of warm days and sunny skies has show goers eyeing the Saturn Sky roadster.

    Profile: Greater Kansas City International Auto Show

    March 5-9, 2008

    Next show:
    March 11-15, 2009

    Bartle Hall

    Exhibit Space:
    400,000 square feet

    Adults $8, Children (8-12) $4 (under 7 free)

    Show Hours:
    Every day (except Sunday): 10 am-10 pm; Sunday: 10 am-7 pm

    Produced by:
    Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Kansas City

    Show Contact:
    William Morrison, ATAE
    Executive Vice President, Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Kansas City, 913.345.8970

    Show Website:

    Discount Coupons:
    $1 off

    Milwaukee: Last year's snow now history, show sees a 16 percent recovery

    You don't want to remind Don Hansen of the snowstorm that hampered last year's Greater Milwaukee International Auto Show.

    Crowds continue to see shows like the Greater Milwaukee International Auto Show as a place to narrow their choices.

    But it's that year that made this year's good news - attendance at the Feb. 23-March 2, 2008 show being up 16 percent over last and 4 percent ahead of 2006.

    It was also last year that Hansen learned a valuable lesson: that media reaction to the weather can be worse than the storm itself.

    "It really wasn't that bad," says Hansen. "But the media told people to stay home and that hurt."

    What Hansen did was get on the phone and get the media to rectify the situation. Immediately.

    "We were off 50 percent the first weekend, but we have to give the media credit: they did step in and take care of us. It shows you what a difference it can make in the way you talk."

    But that was last year.

    For many auto shows, the logistics of getting vehicles "above the crowd" can be an interesting exercise.

    Hansen once again did his best to make the event something his Milwaukee audience would appreciate.

    That includes a display of vehicles from the 1950s, courtesy of the Wisconsin Automotive Museum.

    With fuel economy being front and center these days, show goers were able to get their fill at a display of hybrid vehicles, courtesy of the Milwaukee Hybrid Group, said to be the largest not-for-profit hybrid owners group in North America.

    Parents took note of a Kids Safety Display that highlighted a "Spot the Tot" campaign, courtesy of Safe Kids Southeast Wisconsin and Children's Health Education Center.

    Ford’s F-150 auto show display.

    It was a feature that's grown so much that show organizers have had to expand the field day event to two separate sessions, with groups coming in at separate times.

    Hansen says it's clear that the auto show is helping automakers in their sales efforts, especially domestic producers who have seen tougher times. "It helps," he says. "It gets people motivated and excited. They see what's available and the auto show is a wonderful way of getting people excited. That's our job."

    With an estimated 22 percent of retail business tied to automotive retail, Hansen says the $4 billion spent related to new car sales continues to drive the local economy.

    "It really does make a difference, especially with the trouble in the housing sector. And it keeps the economy running."

    The Smart car display at the Greater Milwaukee International Auto Show. Automakers continue look for innovative and creative ways to show off their wares. The auto show entrance: one of the busiest spots on opening day.

    Profile: Greater Milwaukee Auto Show

    Feb. 23-March 2, 2008

    Next show:
    Feb. 21-March 1, 2009

    Midwest Airlines Center

    Exhibit Space:
    300,000 square feet

    Adults, $9; Seniors (62 plus), $5; Children (7-12), $4, under 6 free

    Show Hours:
    Monday-Thursday, 3 pm-9 pm; Friday, 1 pm-10 pm; Saturdays, 10 am-10 pm; Sundays, 10 am-6 pm

    Produced by:
    Motor Trend Auto Shows

    Show Contact:
    Don Hansen, ATAE
    President, Automobile Dealers Association of Mega Milwaukee

    Show Website:

    New Orleans: Best show in five years reflective of city's rebirth

    While Katrina may be a distant memory to some, for Jeffrie Schultiss-Fricke, who organizes the New Orleans Auto Show as part of her responsibilities at the Greater New Car Dealers Association, the task of rebuilding the city and area continues.

    Auto show organizer Jeffrie Schultiss-Fricke credits being in the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans as one of the reasons for having its best show in the last five years.

    Indeed, on a personal note, Schultiss-Fricke's own home is just being finished, some two years after the hurricane.

    As far as the auto show is concerned, things are looking up. The most recent show, held Feb. 29-Mar. 2, 2008, was "the best show in five years," says Schultiss-Fricke, "and the best even two years before Katrina."

    One reason is clearly the move to the Morial Convention Center (from the Louisiana Superdome), originally thought to be a very temporary one.

    "They've now given us dates to 2013," says a delighted Schultiss-Fricke. Which means the show will maintain its new 250,000 square feet of space (up from the 160,000 available in the Superdome).

    Schultiss-Fricke says attendance numbers were also up as the result of what she calls "more serious" shoppers.

    "We're still down more than 200,000 people in the parish of Orleans," she notes. "But more residents are finally getting interested in buying new vehicles. Right after the storm they had either purchased or they were too busy to come back and enjoy the auto show. That has changed."

    Automakers have been generally very supportive of a post-Katrina auto show.

    Schultiss-Fricke says she "was floored" to see just how strong attendance was at this year's event.

    "People were coming from about a 100-mile radius to attend," she notes. "We were getting people from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Mobile to Baton Rouge."

    That reflects the fact that so many former New Orleans residents, who still work in the city, are commuting, something Schultiss-Fricke factored in with her marketing efforts.

    "We used a lot of e-mail in our marketing," she says. "We know they're commuters and aren't necessarily going to see or hear local media the way they would if they were living in New Orleans."

    Schultiss-Fricke, who also did "more regional advertising than we've ever done before," credits dealers who have "stuck with the show" through the obviously very rough times.

    She hopes those days are well behind the New Orleans International Auto Show.

    Appealing to a younger demographic is Toyota's Scion division.

    Reflective of that spirit, there was a real sense this year of a reborn city, with visitors experiencing a taste of the culture that's unique to New Orleans.

    "We had a jazz band playing all three days at the show, which was something people just loved," says Schultiss-Fricke.

    There were also notable returnees, including Mitsubishi, Jaguar and Land Rover.

    Next spring, which is the 25th anniversary of the New Orleans Auto Show, she hopes to see even more evidence of the rebirth, with manufacturers being encouraged to send more and bigger displays, especially now that the Morial Convention Center appears to be the new home for the show.

    In the meantime, Schultiss-Fricke says she'll continue advocating for full manufacturer participation in an event that is clearly helping with the renewal of a great American city.

    Profile: New Orleans International Auto Show

    Feb. 29-Mar. 2, 2008

    Next show:
    Mar. 20-22, 2009

    Ernest P. Morial Convention Center

    Exhibit Space:
    225,000 square feet

    Adults, $7; Seniors, $6; Kids under 12, free

    Show Hours:
    Friday, 1 pm-10 pm; Saturday, 10 am-10 pm; Sunday, 11 am-6 pm

    Produced by:
    Greater New Orleans New Car Dealers Association

    Show Contact:
    Jeffrie Schultis-Fricke
    Greater New Orleans New Car Dealers Association

    Show Website:

    New York: It's (still) about bringing buyers to the vehicles

    While New York is the place where the worlds of commerce and finance are centered, it's also one where the laws of retail automotive continue to apply.

    Regis Philbin and Michael Gelman, executive producer of Live With Regis & Kelly, check out the Audi R8 at the NYIAS.

    Little wonder then that Mark Schienberg, who heads the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association, Inc., owners of the New York International Auto Show, remains focused on the primary reason for the show: to bring consumers who are ready to buy, and to motivate those who may be on the fence between waiting or making a purchase.

    "There are two sides to the show - the trade aspect and the consumer side - both of which are enormously important," says Schienberg.

    And like other large auto shows, one feeds off the other, starting with the media attention given to new vehicle introductions, in New York's case some 47 world and North American debuts.

    Schienberg estimates media coverage to be about four percent higher than last year.

    "Print, radio, TV… they all had nice bumps this year for us," he adds. "Being in New York, we have all the national networks, and we were able to benefit from that."

    Crowds poured into the Big Apple to experience the New York International Auto Show at the Javits Center.

    One example: a weeklong series on the "Regis & Kelly" show, where every day four of the vehicles being introduced were showcased.

    In the Javits Center, consumers who visited the show out of concern for rising fuel prices weren't disappointed. Among the displays were those featuring clean diesel technology that promises to deliver significant savings in the near future as well as the ultra small vehicles (like Smart and Honda Fit) , hybrids and E85 capable vehicles.

    Schienberg says exit surveys at the show revealed a keen interest in fuel efficiency, specifically related to clean diesel.

    A 2.19 percent increase in ticket sales would suggest the interest in the auto show continues to be strong.

    "That's good for the industry," says Schienberg. "It shows that people are still interested in buying cars, even during a tough economy. And that's why manufacturers come back every year. They want to make sure they reach the portion of the public that will be buying."

    Highlights of the auto show included features that, while it maybe not directed at the general public, did serve to underscore the overall importance of the event from an industry perspective.

    Marking the economic significance that the auto industry and the New York International Auto Show has on local, state and the national economies, NASDAQ invited representatives of the NYIAS to ring the Closing Bell. Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association president Mark Schienberg officially ended the week of trading as he closed the markets and ended one of the biggest exhibitions in the show’s history on March 28, 2008.

    Those included the World Car of the Year program (the winner: the Mazda2/Mazda Demlo) and the opening press breakfast (co-hosted by the New York International Auto Show and the International Motor Press Association). The breakfast was also where inductees into the Automotive Hall of Fame were announced and where Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli made his "industry debut."

    Another key event surrounding the New York International Auto Show was the annual Wall Street Dinner.

    The auto show was also the backdrop for the 2nd annual IAG Automotive Advertising Awards program, which measures the effectiveness of automobile ads.

    "It's starting to take off as an event," says Schienberg. "We had a number of CEOs there, many of whom were hoping their company's products were featured in the winning ads."

    Another highlight of the show was the announcement by the X Prize Foundation of an automotive version of its inaugural award: the $10 million it gave to the team that was able to launch a manned, reusable spacecraft. The Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize will award $10 million to the team that develops a 100-mpg vehicle along with various environmental and speed-related criteria.

    Schienberg said the X Prize Foundation's choice of the auto show to make the announcement was no accident.

    The World Car of the Year awards program (won by Mazda2/Demlo) was held at the NYIAS.

    "We believe it reflects on our long-standing commitment to addressing important issues, including those dealing with safety and the environment."

    Schienberg was equally pleased when auto show organizers were approached by officials of the NASDAQ exchange, who came with both a copy of a report that showed the economic benefit of the auto show - some $200 million annually - and an invitation to participate in the "closing bell" ceremony.

    "It was pretty neat," admits Schienberg. "NASDAQ recognized the economic importance of our event in having members of the auto show committee participate in this ceremony."

    Looking ahead, Schienberg says the New York International Auto Show is already gearing up for an even more successful event next year.

    Profile: New York International Auto Show

    March 21-30, 2008

    Next show:
    April 10-19, 2009

    Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

    Exhibit Space:
    846,000 square feet

    Adults, $14; Children (under 12), $4

    Show Hours:
    Sundays, 10 am-7 pm; Mon.-Sat. 11 am-10:30 pm

    Produced by:
    Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association

    Show Contact:
    Mark Schienberg, ATAE
    President, Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association, 718.746.5900

    Candida Romanelli
    Show Director, New York International Automobile Show
    Vice President, Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association, 718-746-5300

    Show Website:

    Rochester: Consistent show has a new ATAE at helm

    When John Lyboldt got the call to take a new job as vice president of dealer services at the National Automobile Dealers Association, the lead position left open at the Rochester Auto Dealers Association was filled with a familiar face.

    Brad McAreavy

    Brad McAreavy had already served for two decades as a field executive with GMAC Financial Services, and then ran a local six-franchise dealer organization for two years before starting his own securities and insurance brokerage business.

    But McAreavy was there just over a year when opportunity knocked in the form of Lyboldt's move.

    "I was in the right place at the right time," says McAreavy, who has now wrapped up his first Rochester International Auto Show, held Feb. 27-Mar. 2, 2008.

    The chance to sit in a variety of vehicles is one key factor that brings attendees to events like the Rochester Auto Show.

    Although show manager Dick Sherman handles much of the details, as he has done for the last 20 years, it was a good first event for McAreavy.

    Highlights included a Dodge and Chrysler minivan promotion with two families selected to live in the vehicles for a 24-hour period (with designated bathroom and shower breaks).

    If they succeeded, and they did, they'd drive away with the vehicle, courtesy of the local dealership marketing group and a local radio station.

    Along with a select few concept cars, local custom car manufacturer EM Motors displayed its EM578 sports car, a street legal race car that's reminiscent of LeMans and Can-Am greats.

    All the vehicles in one spot, the essence of the auto show.

    Also on display at the Rochester show was the 2009 Bullitt Mustang, as well as a wide variety of vehicles, current and upcoming, one of which — the 2010 Chevy volt hybrid/electric car — promises to redefine the way Americans get from place to place.

    McAreavy uses one word repeatedly to describe the Rochester show: consistent.

    "The end of February can be a bit iffy as far as the weather is concerned, but it precedes the selling season and dealers look forward to a spike in sales come March. It gets things off on the right track."

    Currently, business in the Rochester area, like other regions in the U.S., is down, if only moderately.

    This year's Rochester International Auto Show helped dealers get a much-needed kick start to the spring selling season.

    But with the formerly dominant employers like Xerox and Kodak giving way to a more diverse economy, the area has "a much smaller cycle of ups and downs," says McAreavy.

    And while any automotive retail woes may be related in part to an "over-dealered" situation, McAreavy says his members are survivors.

    "They'll find a way to work through the tough times," he predicts. "Those who come out on the other side of that are going to be very healthy operators. They'll be successful, but as a whole, dealers know how to survive in tough times."

    Profile: Rochester International Auto Show

    Feb. 27-Mar. 2, 2008

    Next show:
    Feb. 25-Mar. 1, 2009

    Rochester Riverside Convention Center

    Exhibit Space:
    72,000 square feet

    Adults, $7.50; Seniors, $5; Children (6-12), $2.50; Five and under, free

    Show Hours:
    Wed., 5 pm-10 pm; Thurs.-Fri., noon-10 pm; Sat., 11 am-10 pm; Sun., 11 am-7 pm

    Produced by:
    Rochester Automobile Dealers' Association, Inc.

    Show Contact:
    Brad McAreavy, ATAE
    President, Rochester Automobile Dealers' Association, Inc., 585.272.7232

    Show Website:

    Auto Shows of North America Show Directory

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    New Mexico International Auto Show
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    Orange County Auto Show
    10/2/2008 - 10/5/2008

    Atlanta Journal-Constitution International Auto Show
    4/19/2008 - 4/27/2008

    Austin American Statesman Auto Show
    4/17/2009 - 4/19/2009

    Baltimore International Auto Show
    2/5/2009 - 2/8/2009

    Bethlehem, PA
    Greater Lehigh Valley Auto Show
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    Alabama International Auto Show
    11/13/2008 - 11/16/2008

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    12/3/2008 - 12/7/2008

    Buffalo Auto Show
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    West Virginia International Auto Show
    1/16/2009 - 1/18/2009

    Charlotte International Auto Show
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    2/13/2009 - 2/22/2009

    Cincinnati Auto Expo
    2/19/2009 - 2/22/2009

    Cleveland Auto Show
    2/21/2009 - 3/1/2009

    Columbus International Auto Show
    3/8/2008 - 3/16/2008

    Dallas Auto Show
    2/18/2009 - 2/22/2009

    Iowa/Illinois Regional Auto Show
    2/8/2008 - 2/10/2008

    Dayton Auto Show
    3/21/2008 - 3/25/2008

    Denver Auto Show
    4/1/2009 - 4/5/2009

    North American International Auto Show
    1/17/2009 - 1/25/2009

    Edmonton Motor Show
    3/5/2009 - 3/8/2009

    Fort Worth
    Greater Tarrant County Auto Show
    1/29/2009 - 2/1/2009

    Central California International Auto Show
    11/2/2007 - 11/4/2007

    South Carolina International Auto Show
    1/16/2009 - 1/19/2009

    Harrisburg, PA
    Pennsylvania Auto and Boat Show
    1/22/2009 - 1/26/2009

    Connecticut International Auto Show
    11/21/2008 - 11/23/2008

    First Hawaiian International Auto Show
    3/26/2009 - 3/29/2009

    Houston Auto Show
    1/24/2009 - 2/1/2009

    Indianapolis Auto Show
    12/26/2008 - 1/1/2009

    Kansas City
    Greater Kansas City International Auto Show
    3/11/2009 - 3/15/2009

    Las Vegas
    Las Vegas International Auto Show
    11/28/2008 - 11/30/2008

    Los Angeles
    Los Angeles Auto Show
    11/19/2008 - 11/30/2008

    Carl Casper Custom and Louisville New Car Auto Show
    2/20/2009 - 2/22/2009

    South Florida International Auto Show
    11/7/2008 - 11/16/2008

    Midland, Mich.
    Northwood University International Auto Show
    10/10/2008 - 10/12/2008

    Greater Milwaukee Auto Show
    2/21/2009 - 3/1/2009

    Minneapolis/St. Paul
    Greater St. Paul & Minneapolis International Auto Show
    3/21/2009 - 3/29/2009

    Montreal International Auto Show
    1/16/2009 - 1/25/2009

    New Orleans
    New Orleans International Auto Show
    3/20/2009 - 3/22/2009

    New York
    New York International Auto Show
    4/10/2009 - 4/19/2009

    Oklahoma City
    Oklahoma City International Auto Show
    3/6/2008 - 3/9/2008

    Midlands International Auto Show
    1/22/2009 - 1/25/2009

    Central Florida International Auto Show
    11/26/2008 - 11/30/2008

    Philadelphia International Auto Show
    2/2/2008 - 2/10/2008

    Arizona International Auto Show
    11/27/2008 - 11/30/2008

    Pittsburgh International Auto Show
    4/17/2008 - 4/21/2008

    Portland International Auto Show
    11/22/2009 - 11/25/2009

    Northeast International Auto Show
    1/24/2008 - 1/27/2008

    Virginia Motor Trend International Auto Show
    3/7/2008 - 3/9/2008

    Rochester International Auto Show
    2/25/2009 - 3/1/2009

    Sacramento International Auto Show
    11/6/2008 - 11/9/2008

    Saint Louis
    Saint Louis International Auto Show
    1/23/2008 - 1/27/2008

    Salt Lake City
    Utah International Auto Expo
    1/16/2009 - 1/19/2009

    San Antonio
    San Antonio Auto & Truck Show
    10/2/2008 - 10/5/2008

    San Diego
    San Diego International Auto Show
    12/31/2008 - 1/4/2009

    San Jose
    Silicon Valley International Auto Show
    1/8/2009 - 1/11/2009

    Seattle International Auto Show
    10/31/2007 - 11/4/2007

    Spokane International Auto Show
    2/15/2008 - 2/17/2008

    Tampa Bay International Auto Show
    11/6/2008 - 11/9/2008

    Greater Toledo Auto Show
    1/22/2009 - 1/25/2009

    Canadian International Auto Show
    2/13/2009 - 2/22/2009

    Vancouver International Auto Show
    3/29/2008 - 4/6/2008

    Washington Auto Show
    2/4/2009 - 2/8/2009


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